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    • Ask yourself why you play.  For me, I play for a bunch of reasons: I like being outdoors, in beautiful spaces; I like spending peaceful time with my son; I enjoy the challenge of the game (even though I am still very much a beginner); I enjoy the feeling of hitting good shots (they do happen sometimes), and playing a good hole; I enjoy the discipline of persevering with a very challenging thing, and staying mindful, and trying to keep on top of the frustration.  For all these reasons, whether I play or not is not related to my score.  I broke 100 two or three times earlier in the summer, but this week I've been playing as badly as I've played since I started, but the reasons I play are still met by going and playing, so I won't quit. Sounds to me like your enjoyment is closely tied to your score and (if I may be so bold) you ego.  You don't like the feeling of having gone backwards, and you're not scoring well.  If those are the reasons you play (you like scoring well, and you like feeling proud / identifying as a single digit handicap golfer), then unless you're prepared to work through the reasons for your poor scoring, or reframe your experience of the game, you probably should go and do something else.
    • Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the advice. Let me clear up one though - I'm only 39 years old.  That seems to make quitting even more valuable to me because I should theoretically get decades of enjoying not golfing. 🙂 
    • In august, i bought a Datrek Super Lite Stand Bag on line from Global Golf. Sunday, while playing, The strap on the golf cart came loose and the bag and clubs fell off. One of the stand legs snapped off. Monday, I contacted Dynamic Brands, which is the parent company of Datrek. They also own Bag Boy, Burton, and a couple other makers of bags, carts, etc., to see if they had replacement parts available. The lady asked what happened, and how old the bag was, and said they would handle it under warranty. She sent me an e mail with the required information- proof of purchase, serial # and pictures of the bag., and said it would take a couple of days to process.. i sent them  the required info, and at about 4:30 PM, i received another email saying that they were sending me a warranty replacement. No questions asked. I was impressed with the promptness and courtesy with which his situation was handled, since i may get my new bag in time to use it in the club championship this weekend. No muss, No fuss.
    • I'm on an alternating cycle of couldn't hit the ball much better one day to couldn't hit it much worse the next. Last week shot a 43 on 9 holes, by far my best 9 this year. I don't think I could have hit the ball much better, driver or irons. Lost a few shots around the green and a cpl 3 putts, but 43 is a terrific 9 for me.    Literally the next day, went to play 9 somewhere else, and it was like my first time out. Fat shots, topping it, driver was wildly erratic. Nothing went right. In fact I ended up quitting on the 5th hole I was so frustrated. Nevermind Id lost 10 balls off the tee.  I hate golf.  But I'll probably play later today. 
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