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Winter Depression Thread

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The heated driving range I go to here in New York has large heating tubes over head in each stall. I assume they are heated with natural gas, they do put out a lot of heat. However, given you are in an open stall they really don't work that well on windy days. Yes I have driven balls there when snow was on the ground, kind of weird as the ball disappears into the snow. They do not collect the balls until after the snow melts which on Long Island where I live usually isn't that long. I have never been there when they have run out of balls. They have a huge number of 55 gallon drums filled with balls, but I guess they could run out.

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Florida bound on Saturday, woo hoo!  Getting away form the crappy weather.  Going to be playing lots of golf. 

I haven't shanked a ball in months.

Crap blizzard tomorrow...then brutal cold with 50 mph winds...wind chills around -20. First person in my group next year bitch that it's hot out gets a punch in the face...I dont care if they are

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I moved to Florida 2 years ago and it cured my "Winter Depression."  I played Sunday 1/5/14 and it was 80*.

Not sure I'd want to live in Florida but wouldn't mind being able to spend winter's down there.  Haha.

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It's winter and Little_Buck and I have been bowling our Azzes off.........LOL

He's 11 and chucks a 10lb ball with impressive authority 2-handed.......he's a little kid that doesn't weigh 100lbs yet.

Rolling a light 10lb ball is a huge disadvantage, but he somehow managed to score a 254 with it!  He struck 9 times in a row that game!!

He beat his DADDY that game!

I'm proud that he kicked my butt! LOL  I average over 200, so he needs to bowl well for an 11yr old to beat me.

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Not sure I'd want to live in Florida but wouldn't mind being able to spend winter's down there.  Haha.

There's a ton of people who do just that.  After Christmas, the golf courses are packed to the gills and slow.  Summer time golf down here is cheap and you have the courses to yourself, you just have to wear a lot of sunscreen and drink a ton of water.

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Leafs. Losers Even After Forty Seasons. :-P Seriously, they can't even spell "Leaves" right.

My high school mascot was the Patriots. Everybody said "Pates" for short, instead if Pats like a normal person. Even the cheers used "pates." Ugh. Also, we were green and white. Yeah.

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So after below zero and single digit temps it gets to 60 in Northern New Jersey today.But [U][URL=https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs;=nKW&rls;=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q;=unfortunately&spell;=1&sa;=X&ei;=ifLRUqqEJpG_sQTkkYGYCA&ved;=0CCoQvwUoAA&biw;=1280&bih;=541] unfortunately [/URL][/U] heavy rain made it impossible to practice or play today.But I did get some chipping practice in between downpours.


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[SIZE=16px]It's now 55 years and counting.[/SIZE] [SIZE=16px]NOTE: The Lions are the only NFC team never to have played in the Super Bowl.[/SIZE]

Trust me, I'm well aware.

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    • I finished reading LSW this morning...what a great and comprehensive book! I'll be reading it again, starting with the "Decision Mapping" and "Game Planning" sections. Frankly, before I spend much time on Shot Mapping, however, my swing has to get more consistent than it is now, or it will be a challenge to find much meaningful information, LOL. Regarding the latter point, using SVs has definitely lead me to focus on what skills are most important to practice. Specifically, I am focusing on Full Swing Motion shots (after spending the early part of 2021 focused on Short Game Motions shots and "Bead" putting drills) with Driver (get the ball in play as far as I can), Hybrids and irons (improve accuracy of approach shots) and Speed control for putts >= 25'. I will also be taking an AimPoint lesson in the near future.  Great stuff! 
    • If I spill a hot cup of coffee in my lap it's going to burn. If I drop a golf ball it's going to go down. Some matters are just not open to opinion.
    • I think leaving the clubs in the car where it’s hot contributes to the classic sliding down of the ferrule. I’m sure the glue/epoxy gets soft after long exposure to heat. Then we take our clubs out and start whacking away and …there you go.
    • The Florida sun is no joke, especially in the summer.  With that said, the trunk is a better option than in the cabin if you have to leave your bag in your car.  I avoid leaving anything valuable in my car for fear of theft and I consider my clubs valuable.  My truck doesn't have a trunk, but even then its just something I don't even chance.  The other heat sensitive item has got to be shoes. You will be on the golf course one day and the bottoms will just fall right off.  
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