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Winter Depression Thread


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I thought for a long time that being sick in Summer is worse than being sick in Winter, but this last is giving me pause. I've contracted some weird form of flu that has my nose runny then cloggy. my chest congested, and something going on in my intestines that gives me intermittent runs! None of these are all that bad.

However, the centerpiece of this illness is the effect that makes it feel like every single joint in my body is on fire! I've been achy before, but this is orders of magnitude more! Damn! I hurt! Every single knuckle in every one of my fingers and toes aches! I have to take breaks from typing here.

Can't wait to get past this!

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I've been hitting the range every day for the last 3 weeks, puring my swing.  I did play one day last week when things thawed out from the usual 28 degrees.  Shot even par.  I figure I'm getting way ahead of my golfing buddies... the usual foursome.  One won't play unless it's 45 degrees, another won't set foot on the course unless it's 47 degrees.  And the 3rd guy isn't showing his face around the course until it's 60.  And they wonder why I always win the matches... silly little thing called practice and refinement.

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It was mid 20's today but I went out and played anyway as cabin fever set in. Not a soul on the course. 

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Crap blizzard tomorrow...then brutal cold with 50 mph winds...wind chills around -20.

First person in my group next year bitch that it's hot out gets a punch in the face...I dont care if they are over 80 either.

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Well, haven't been dealing with what the East coast is about to get, but my home course has been shut down for the last 3 weeks due to snow. I live on Vancouver Island, and typically we can play all year round, but last winter was brutal with the course shut down over 80 days, and we are probably up to 4 weeks of closure so far this year. We had a really good fall and the course was in great shape up until US Thanksgiving, and then winter hit.

Warming up with rain the next 4 days, so hoping it washes all the snow away and then doesn't come back. Regardless, I am hitting the range tomorrow for the first time in a month and a bit. Course heats the range balls up, so won't be so bad.

Good luck to all on in the deep freeze and in the path of the "Weather Bomb" headed for the East. 

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We jumped 65 degrees within a week.   Yesterday it was 56º and last night the rain froze and then it snowed.   We have about 1 1/2" of ice with about 4" of snow.   It would be very generous of our Florida family to send some warmth our way, as long as you leave the flu virus home.   

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As many in the North Central part of the USA, we had a single Spring day.  I joked with my wife that I was going to tee it up at our City's executive course, Huron Hills.  I imagine a few hardy fools gave it a go as the snow cover was mostly gone for a day.

Sigh, I had to settle for walking our muni purely for a bit of fresh air.

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A surprising 60+ degree yesterday allowed my son and me to play 18. Incredibly soggy out there but golf in Maryland in January? Yes please. :)

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    • Looks like they have a standard hosel of .355. They should be easy to reshaft. I would recommend trying one club like a 7 iron and see how you like it. You may want to try a few shafts out at a golf shop on other clubs first to see if senior flex is right for you. Tell them you love the heads and just want to try new shafts. Better yet, if there is a good fitter in your area, they would be a better place to try this.  Tell them the same thing. You love the heads. Also, add an avatar when you can. Thanks.
    • @newbiecaddie OnCore Golf launch this App last month. I haven't had time to try it yet, but it looks interesting. Here is a video demonstration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGfVVxwPHGc
    • A poll would be nice for this topic. Mine is standard 45.5”.
    • That's why I've got Nickent 3DX Hybrid irons, I have a 10 iron which works for me. Most sets of irons have 8" or more of loft gap between the 9 and the wedge, it's ok if your good enough to hit a half'ish or climb into the Sandiron but I'm not. I'm not too bad hitting a strong 9 8 7 etc but the wedges I'm more likely to hit skinny or fat, I think why there is so many wedges is all about the Money...
    • Above, or you could also make yourself a set of homemade speed training aids, instructions are all over the internet.
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