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New to golf, still can't drive straight!

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bri1974    0
Hey, hoping some experienced holders may have done advice for me. Been playing about 8 weeks and really enjoying the game. Inherited an old set of ben Sayers irons from a friend and am improving steadily with them, they also came with a nike machspeed 9.5 driver with a stiff shaft which I really couldn't do anything with at all so I got a used ping g10 10.5 regular (25 quid!) which I feel more comfortable with. I am still however slicing most drives to the right which seems to be a problem for most beginners, I recently tried driving with my knees and feet together and this has immediately straightened my drives but when I try going back to "normal" stance the slice is back! Is this a timing thing? Guessing having my knees together is stopping me from moving my arms too quickly or vice versa. Advice please golfers! Thank you,

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Club Rat    255

Most beginners who "slice" are the results of "over the top swing path."

This starts with several swing patterns a beginner will develop without taking proper lessons or guidance.

I would suggest searching this site for "corrections" which members have posted.

Both Eric (iacas) and Mike (mvmac) have posted many videos to this site which will give you a great visual to learn from.

Basically, a correct swing path is required to make "Square impact through the ball", for a player to hit the drive straight.

As an example, place an extra tee just slightly outside and slightly behind the tee ball.

Also place a third tee to the inside front of the tee ball.

When you hit this shot, you will probably hit all three tees.

A player who can hit only the tee ball without hitting the outside and inside tees, should hit the ball straight.

You can also practice by placing tees in the ground to indicate the proper swing path.

Also, I would suggest seeking lessons to help guidance with learning the basics.

Lessons will help you advance quicker and eliminate frustrations which will occur trying to learn the basics on your own.

Club Rat

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bri1974    0
I'm quite enjoying working things out own to be honest. I think I will probably take a few lessons soon but in the meantime I like the trial and error approach. As I said, my irons are coming on ok, getting good connection and distance is improving but my driving is still pretty terrible. I only tried the knees together thing today and was surprised how immediately my drives got much straighter. Was just wondering why that was. Guess I know have to go about working out how to replicate the results with a normal stance. Or I could just play all drives with my feet and knees together, looks a bit silly but it works!

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chip n run    0

Welcome to this great game !   There will be times of rewards, and times of frustration.  But stick with it.  Most people that I see that slice the ball swing the club outside-in.  The way I cured it ( at the driving range ) was to put a shoebox just outside of the ball, far enough so the clubhead  can strike the ball.  When you get tired of hitting the box, you'll be swinging from the inside.  I know there are other reasons for slicing, but this drill really helped me.  Too bad I cannot use my box on the course !!!

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bri1974    0

thanks guys,

will keep trying! played my best ever round today (109!) so getting better all the time. previous best round was 120 and I hit far less duff shots with my irons today as they are really improving. still hit most drives right but feeling more comfy with the new 10.5 ping so will keep practising with it. had my handicap calculated today on my last three rounds and I'm 28, as I understand it, you can't get worse than that so it can only improve :)

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    • Yeah, like what dzclarkcpa was saying, alot depends on the grass and the setup of the course. So many different variables come into play and it really just takes experience to learn how to play out of the rough. If you know a grass range that has some thicker grass on it, practice some there and see what it does to your ball flight and distances.  But generally, the more of the back of the ball you can see, the better you'll be able to control it. That doesn't always mean you'd able to hit your normal full swing shot, but it could mean you can play it differently with reasonable control. 
    • Welcome to TST! Maybe @nevets88 can give you some info on golf around NYC.
    • Hi everyone, I'm a Brit living in New York City. Been on and off golfing for a few years but until this summer had been 'off' for a good 6 years or so.  It's not super easy golfing in the city (nor was it back in London) but I've been able to get a few rounds in this summer at Rockaway Hunting Club and Garden City Country Club plus a round in Vegas at the Bali Hai. Hoping to explore some of the Muni courses around the city before the weather here gets too hostile. Best round this summer was a 95, hoping to get down a little closer to 90 if I get the chance this year. Cheers!
    • There you go, no nerves at all. I know how much time they spend on it. It ain't much. I've coached and worked with players on the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour… high-level college players. @mvmac can ask Xander how much time he spends on his full swing vs. his mental game. Guess what: in the 65/20/15 ratio… we included the mental game. It just rounded down to zero is all. You're missing the bigger picture. A poor mental game does not turn a PGA or LPGA Tour player into a 20 handicapper. The mental game is a tiny portion of the overall performance. And you apparently play with schmucks. Oh, we just get to declare things now as truth? Let me try… "His quote is not at all accurate. Not literally, not figuratively, not in any way." I have never said that the mental game can't have any impact ever. And @bones75, you're not agreeing with me at all, so please stop saying you are. The one who performs physically better. On the PGA Tour, the hottest putter out of the best ballstrikers that week. This is a really bad point you're trying to make. Your premise is wrong. They have different physical abilities.
    • while gripping down to shorten effective shaft length is acceptable and can yield good results in terms of more control, you also need to be mindful of the effect of the excess grip above the fulcrum (wrists) acts as a counter-weight. For some this will have no ill effects, others it may come into play. 
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