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    • This is truth right here. I made this mistake a few times in my younger days before i finally learned.  (Slim to none, and Slim just left the building)
    • 10.5 deg loft, UST ProForce V2 shaft, R flex
    • I tell this to anyone who is hitting a particular club really well...don't jack with it!  Seriously, if you have a club that you hit long and straight, don't change it, modify it or replace it.  The chances of you improving on a club that you hit that well is slim. It sounds like you still have your original driver, correct?  If that is the case, I recommend putting it back in the bag rather than try to find a shaft/head combination that you can hit as well, and put your money into a set of irons that you can hit.  I'm not trying to sound sarcastic, so please don't take it like that.  I'm being 100% sincere on this.  If you hit your iDrive really good, leave it in the bag and work on finding a set of irons that fits you better than your current set.
    • Hi everyone,  First time here posting a thread, loving reading prior to this but never participated, but now i desperately need people help lol. Ill start at the beginning. Im 28 and have been playing 15 months and am currently handicap 12.7.  I started playing with a friend old beaten up idrive 12° driver aldilia vx reg shaft, and man i could bomb that driver, apart from pros i could outdrive anyone and exceptionally accurately too, were talking landing on greens on par 4's (all the while not being able to hit a single iron haha). But as christmas came around and i was getting better i thought it would special for my partner to buy me a replacment for my boom stick. So i looked around and got my heart set on the wilson fg tour f5 driver, the thing just looked gorgeous to me. Now due to the distance i was getting with the idrive, perhaps stupidly got it with the stiff shaft(50 gram fubuki z), that was my first mistake, turns out i have a swing speed of 90-96mph and couldnt hit the damn thing. So a couple of months later a friend gave me a aldilia nvs 65 lite tm-3, lovely looking shaft and looks fantastic with the wilson head, the complements i get on the looks sometimes makes me giddy. However no matter how i hit the club (centre face, nice controlled swing) or how high or low(i prefer low, the red shortees if everyones familiar) the peak of my ball flight is about 5- 10 yards off the grounds, for a little while i thought i was closing down the face, but this isnt the case no matter what i seem to do the ball just wont get up. So ive been looking at info online and on ebay and read the nvs has a low kick point whereas the fubuki z has a high point, and bearing in mind i feel the wilson head is quite heavy, very heavy against say a tm rbz, i was wondering if this is where my problems are coming from? As im hitting the ball with a heavy head is it flexing too much? See, i dont mind spending the money on a 3rd shaft (fubuki z 50 reg) if its going to solve the problem, but this isnt the case and i do, then ive wasted stupid money just to end up getting rid of the thing and probably going for a cobra f6.... Please any insight from people who know what they're talking about would be soo appreciated, and i would certainly owe u a drink. Oh, and should mention due the the low ball flight i use the 0g weight and my old driver being set quite high, i set it at 11.5 deg the next setting up would be 12.5 deg and i just feel that would be ridiculous. Please no tee suggestions, if the tee exists ive tried it. Thank you very much in advance
    • 9.5 loft, probably around 110 ss... Used to use a driver set at 7 3/4 loft but my current ones loft is more accurate. Actual loft of drivers are not always the most accurate. I try to hit on the upswing so lower loft is used to keep the ball flight at a good launch angle. 
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