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What Are Your 2014 Golf Goals? Official Thread

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My new goal for 2014 is to see how many people actually putt out every putt, even when they miss the 1 foot putt by an inch and they actually tap it in. I've been playing for going on 35 years and in a casual round I don't believe I've ever played a round where no player never picked up a putt. Whether it was a 3 inch putt or didn't pick up when they reached their maximum score per their handicap (eg. Under 10 handicap not putting for their triple bogey).
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Yeah I firmly believe I can make it to Pinehurst.  I understand the odds are not in my favor at all, but I know I can make it one day, might as well be this year!

Well ... I reached all of my goals!!  Even my most ambitious one of getting the handicap under 6!  Sooo ... why not get even more ambitious: New and improved end of 2014 season goals

With a hectic work schedule and a newborn child on the way in March, my goals for 2014 are going to be fairly modest, but we go anyway...

1. Maintain a single digit index all year. I am currently at my all-time low of 7.7 and I don't see that dropping significantly with increasing demands on my time. Nonetheless, I'd like to be able to continue to play consistently enough to stay in that 8-9 range.

2. Post 30 (or more) rounds this year. Without my wife throwing me out of the house, I should add. :-) I'm currently playing about once a week, and I figure that cutting that in half is reasonable compromise, lol.

3. Shoot 75 or better on a regulation course. My all-time low is 76, which I've done 5 times. Would be great to shave a stroke (or two) off that in 2014.

4. Continue to play better "pressure" golf in tournaments, match play etc. Before last year, the biggest frustration I had with my game was that I consistently played worse than my index in tournament rounds. Simply put, I was a lousy pressure player. I turned a corner in 2013, starting with a match play tournament where I shot in the 70's twice and made it to the finals in my flight. I then proceeded to shoot a 76 (net 67) in our final men's club tournament of the season this December. On a day in which the course was set up very tough, it was the best net score by 3 strokes in a field of 150+ players.

So there you have it: My goals for 2014.

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I'm going to be more specific with my goals this year because I think they will help me focus on achieving them.

1. Play at least 20 rounds during the active season.

2. Establish an official handicap. If I hit goal #1, I'll finish the year with a handicap that, besides being official, doesn't span three years.

3. Get a club fitting for my entire bag. I am definitely going to do it this year.

4. I'm going to get ambitious with this one and shoot to finish this year with an 8 handicap.

Extra Credit: Get an Edel Putter or attend an AimPoint Class. I'm not entirely sure where I'd be able to do either, yet.

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I just recently started playing and hence getting hold of the game is my priority 1 for quarter 1

q2 - putt shorter holes - i might buy a simple practice hole

q3 - hit longer with better posture

q4 - want to master the golf swing...

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My goal for 2014 is simply to get out and play. I re-enrolled in college to finish my degree last year, and priorities have meant I haven't played a round of golf since June. To set a modest benchmark: hit golf balls every week when the weather and my schedule permits, and play over ten rounds for the year.
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Drop my handicap by at least 2

Improve GIR's by at least 2 (approach shots gonna be the thing)

Play at least 10 new golf courses

At least one round even par

Change my short game dramatically

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My 2014 goal is to get back to consistently shooting in the mid 70's.

To get there, my specific goals are...

1. Have 4 lessons on full swing.

2. Have 2 lessons on short game - putting and chipping

3. Establish a mid week practice / play schedule when summer comes and days get longer

4. Focus practice on distance control - I need to be realistic with how far I hit the ball and need to know max range with each club

5. Above practice to emphasize 140 yards and in

6. Work on mental approach to the game/shots - choking on pressure shots have been momentum killers - must be specific on target/outcome of shot - BETTER FOCUS

7. Improve / maintain strength and flexibility of swing muscles

8. Get rounds in with "better than me" golfers - my regular group has mostly high cappers

Other golf related goal is to get my 12 year old son lessons.  He has clubs and has been coming with to the range.  He would like to get on the course, but he needs to improve his skills first.  So, my other goal for he and I is to play a round together in 2014.

Hope everyone reaches their respective goals. :-)

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Last year was my first with a HC. My hole was HC focused for last year and was too aggressive. This year I'm changing it around a bit and I'm working in quarterly targets to reduce my scoring averages over each of the different Par types.
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My goals for 2014:

1) Keep improving and have fun.

2) Get handicap down to 6 or lower (I was an 8 at the end of this past summer completely self-taught, but I have been working with a swing coach at least once a week completely rebuilding my swing since September).

3) Play as much tournament golf as possible. I need to get used to performing in competition.

4) Make sure to allocate plenty of time to practice short game and putting. Sometimes I get too hung up on the full swing and take my short game for granted.

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Big year coming up.

Lots of events to play I have set goals for what I want to shoot and what I want play for tournaments.

I am tentatively playing:

5 Club level (defending 2)

3 Provincial level

1 National Level (based on performance at provincial)

1 Pro Qualifier

1 Team Provincial Level (ryder cup format)

Also throughout the year I am going play some courses for training that are approx 73 - 75+ rating, 135-147 slopes

Any questions?

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Note: This thread is 2364 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Had my best day ever today. Back stillll is not open so me and a buddy played the front 3 times. Par 36 I shot 36, 37, 37 through 27 holes I had 6 birdies and 8 bogies had a few chances to blow up but short game was great and I scrambled my a$$ off. Still am yet to shoot under par, the first time through I was actually 1 under going into the easy par 5 9th and had a meltdown ended with bogie but I know it's coming soon enough. It wasn't even a great ball striking day either. I had a great day with the driver and wedges were pretty solid, I had multiple tap in birdies, and I even made a few decent putts today which was confidence inspiring but my irons are still a little all over the place. 
    • Xander with an eagle to take a share of the lead! 😄  And Rose with a birdie to reclaim the lead right after. And Matsuyama with an eagle to take it over both of them.  Xander right back to two back seconds after an eagle to take a share of the lead.  Jim Nantz tells me the sequence I described above was all of 90 seconds. 
    • He can sure pound the ball, though.
    • If it was really windy, they’d half to put a weight belt on Zalatoris to keep him from blowing away!
    • My set top box died on me, my OTA antenna only works for the small tv, found out I could stream the broadcast on my phone and Airplay it to the big tv. Had no idea I could do that. Thought I was going to do a trial period of YouTube Live or something. The picture is probably better quality than the set top box (FIOS).  
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