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    • Let’s all cross our fingers for @cipher to get some good tee times tomorrow morning. I think the general plan is to try to play the big course in the morning (late morning, probably), and the Sand Box after that. BUT, since we’re not resort guests… we’ll take what we can get, and they’ve told Nate there won’t be much of an issue getting the times. We should have probably three days there, and six rounds counting the Sand Box rounds, so everyone should probably plan to have an extra $120 ($20/round) for some action. I don’t think we’ll have anything big, maybe just a little skins game, or a little something. Maybe we’ll skip the action on the big courses and have a hole-in-one fund where if you make double or worse on the Sand Box you add $10 to the hole in one pot or something. Any ideas? Just something fun. I don’t want people to have to grind AT ALL, and I don’t want people even possibly being sad when someone else plays well. So, enough money that you can buy yourself a few beers or a steak or something, but not so much that other people are sad at paying it out. Or, we can say screw it, and do nothing like this. Since Thursday/Friday we have set foursomes, we’ll also mix it up a bit more during the week. Right now if it’s ABCD (Nate, me, John, Matt) and EFGH (Vishal, Dave, Dan, Bill), I’ll figure out a decent mix. I think Vishal and Matt are past the bagel thing, too. 😉
    • I am just glad the misinformation in the internet did not exist to stop people getting the Small Pox vaccine decades ago.   High vaccination rates basically made Small Pox extinct.
    • Why NOT just get vaccinated? My bad. 
    • I could drop the 2 middle wedges for one on too. The 50 and 54 for a 52… I shot 70 today and didn’t have 1 single 54° wedge shot not one. I hit more 4-irons (3) than 54° wedge shots (0).
    • Why just get vaccinated? I got mine back in January. 
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