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The Sand Trap Visits Titleist's Oceanside Facility


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How long does the process of testing and tuning new equipment usually take before a pro will make a bad change? Which piece of equipment takes the longest?

The driver often takes the longest, but that's only if you don't count, say, a set of irons that a pro simply likes and sticks with. They just had to make up a new set of 680s for one of their pros, for example, so you could say it's taken him at least six or eight years and he STILL hasn't switched. :)

But if a pro comes and is just looking to be fit, the driver often takes the longest because of the combinations of shaft and head and settings. Wedges are second just because of the versatility.

When will we start seeing the next line of woods in the hands of pros?

I'll answer for Titleist (this is my answer, we didn't ask them because they would probably say "no comment"): The U.S. Open, as always.

Which course on the PGA Tour has the nicest practice area?

You'd have to ask someone who leaves Oceanside. Like the Tour Van people.

And just how very different are the pros clubs - after all of the fine tuning and such - than what we can buy off the shelf?

They're the same. They don't have separate factories. They're measured to slightly tighter tolerances: a driver measured at 15° might be 14.6° and a driver that says 9.5° might be 9.7°. But otherwise, they're the same. Oh, and they give them a different serial number.

And this is true of pretty much ALL equipment from all companies, not counting some one-off putters made by Cameron or whomever, or the grinds that pros will get on their wedges (they'll still START with a wedge you could buy off the shelf, though).

It wouldn't be cost effective AT ALL to make equipment differently for Tour players.

Is my made-for Titleist Mitsubishi shaft a big pile of dogcrap that's keeping me from hitting it like a tour pro?

The line on made-for shafts (which Titleist wanted me to point out they don't even have in their current woods - they sell the true Aldila R.I.P., etc.) is the same as it has always been: they're basically the same shaft with some slight modification to make it a better fit for the specific clubhead into which it's going. For example, when the 909 shipped with some "by Titleist" shafts, the torque went up a few tenths of a degree because it was a better fit for the clubheads.

And consider two things:

  1. Aldila or Fujikura or whomever would not put one of their top brand names on a shaft if it was crap. If the Fujikura Hot Shaft 2K15 was selling for $600, the "Fujikura Hot Shaft 2K15 by Titleist" would do them no good if it was not basically the same shaft - if it was crap, they'd be destroying the "Hot Shaft 2K15" name.
  2. The $600 shaft still costs about the same as a less popular, more basic shaft to make, or whatever… companies just realize that sometimes a shaft gets hot and demand lets them charge a lot more for it.

Honestly I am curious about loft and lie tolerances for "custom" irons. But i doubt they'll tell you "yeah those are way off."

The stock answer is that they measure all custom irons for loft and lie and have very tight tolerances.

I'm more interested in the workout routines, myself. What do they recommend in terms of building a good routine? How do they balance strength, power, and flexibility? Do they prefer body weight, dumbbell/kettlebell, or resistance bands, or is it a combination? Are there any "must have" workouts one should incorporate in a routine?

We didn't ask the TPI guys any questions. Sorry.

This deals with wedges.

In most iron sets, the numbered irons have 1/2" increment differences in shaft length. (I know, in long irons the increment is sometimes .625", to allow for only 3* difference in lofts).

In wedges, Vokey has 1/4" shaft length increments between types of wedges (in SM4 line, PW = 35.75", GW = 35.5"... ).

So, why does Vokey (and many other OEMs) have the 1/4" shaft increments in its wedges, rather than the 1/2" increments?

Because it gaps the clubs properly. 3° and 1/2" in irons will give you the 10 yard gaps, but in wedges, the gaps are often much larger than 3°.

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Note: This thread is 2778 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Surely someone who ranked 4th on the PGA is SG:OTT last season has to be considered among the best drivers in the world, right? Even if it is 0.707 worse than he was in 2014, he still was one of the best last season. Same (to a lesser extent) in regards to his SG:APP. Being ranked 35th and gaining over 1.5 strokes per tournament based on ball striking should, IMO, classify someone as having "generally excellent ball striking stats". Maybe not quite at the same level as he was in 2014, but still good enough to be considered an excellent ball striker IMO. So yes those two areas did tail off, but he was so good at them to begin with that even now he is still among the best of the best in those areas, are those really the areas that are causing him to not win more often? He was barely above average ATG in 2014, and he has improved that slightly 2021, and he is putting worse now than 2014, how doesn't it track that he would see more success if his ATG and putting improved (and his OTT and App stayed at 2021 levels)?
    • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Princess Bride
    • I don't like BDC's hat hat because: 1) My personal fashion sense tells me that to pull off wearing a driver cap, one needs to have a certain "it" factor. I don't think Bryson has it. 2) The hat, which is also the log for BDC's "brand", reminds me of all of the times he has put his foot in his mouth. Like yelling at a camera operator about damaging his brand, arguing with a rules official about fire ants and OB line, slow play, the whole Brooks feud thing, making stupid comments about the vaccine, etc. 3) Even without reasons #1 and #2, I think driver caps aren't a good look. Seeing him in a regular hat, he just looked like a golfer representing the US, without all the negative things associated with his image/brand. I won't comment on his manliness, but I am a huge fan of BDC the golfer. I don't care for his non-golf persona/brand, but I think what he has done with his game is remarkable, and he's backed up his approach with a US Open win, multiple tour wins, and a good performance at the Ryder Cup. I look forward to watching him play every week.
    • Hmmmm, that doesn't really track: SG:OTT 2021: 0.660 (4th) 2014: 1.367 (1st) SG:App 2021: 0.403 (35th) 2014: 0.602 (4th) SG:ATG 2021: 0.118 (71st) 2014: 0.022 (93rd) SG:P 2021: 0.187 (66th) 2014: 0.274 (41st) Scoring/SG:Total: 2021: 70.043 (16th)/1.368 (7th) 2014: 68.827 (1st)/2.266 (1st) He's 0.898 strokes worse per round than he was in 2014, and 0.707 of that comes from driving, with another 0.199 coming from his approach shots. What's 0.707 + 0.199? 0.906, which is > 0.898. He's actually gaining 0.305 shots around the green and putting now, when he gained 0.296 in 2014. So, nah, I think his driving and approach play have tailed off. He can't hit wedges very well, either.
    • Already addressed, but to point out again… all of the rules are pretty "arbitrary."
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