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Pebble Beach Trip

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Just read your write up, I would say the only thing different I would have done was play Bayonet/Blackhorse instead of Pacific Grove, I know those courses are not in the immediate area but you would have been much more impressed. That is really too bad the marshal had to do that given you guys were waiting on the following hole, I have heard they are very intent upon keeping it moving there just because people will do so much photo taking and just view absorbing that the golf gets left behind, I hope you were able to forget that shortly afterwards though. Ha Ha what do you mean they don't rent by the hour?  Apparently they really get put off at even the suggestion of stretching a check out by an hour or two. Sounds like you have some memories for a lifetime though, Living only a couple hours away has let me do the put it off routine for way too long, in fact I knew one of the pros who worked there that could have gotten me on for free back in the 90's and still didn't go :doh: . Seeing someone do this trip just inspires me to one day take the plunge, well I have my 50th birthday coming next September and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it, well I guess I better do it or else it will never happen, sort of like living down the street from Disneyland.

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+1 on walking the course, assuming you believe your father is capable of walking 18 without it being stressful on him. I've never been to Pebble, but am a strong believer that courses like that can on

Oh, I forgot... the East meets the West this year. 49'ers in disarray at the moment; and the Eagles are very fortunate so far...

Thanks for the review, sounds like it was (mostly) fun.  Regarding the above, I assume you guys didn't take a forecaddie? ...

I would still write a complaint about the lack of courtesy about the check out request though. Point out the importance of the trip to your group and things like that. You never know they might just send you something as an apology! Regards Mailman
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Wow! That looks like an amazing trip. You will cherish those memories with your Dad for the rest of your life. Thanks for the pictures and report.

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Pebble, Spanish Bay, Spy Glass, Stay @ Spanish Bay which I feel is a notch up from Pebble. Play Monterry and maybe a course in San Fran when You are driving down to Pebble...Play Fort Ord and do at least play the back nine @ Pebble Muni.... I go in Jan(4 trips out there)...great priced compared to other months, but weather is iffy at best.
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As I finally make my way up toward the green we are greeted by a ranger telling us that we had to pick up the pace.  Now, before this hole we had been waiting on the group in front of us on every shot. So, we finish out the whole on 6 only to have the same ranger again tell us "C'mon fellas, gotta keep it moving".  Now I'm getting pissed.... not only did I just put one in the drink but now I got this jackass trying to push us along at a rapid pace.  So needless to say I didn't get to enjoy #7 ....  I didn't take my time and judge distance like I should have and hit a PW over the hole into the water...... NEEDLESS TO SAY, NOW I'M FURIOUS! The tee box at #8 was no different, same ranger breathing down our neck to tee off.  We do, and I finally hit a good shot right to the edge of the fairway, perfect position for my second shot!  Only to find when I get to my ball that the group in front of us was still looking for their balls.  So we were now standing waiting again. My round was pretty much over at this point.  I was so mad that they charge you what they do and the have the audacity to rush you through like they did. I didn't get to enjoy 3 of the nicest wholes in all of golf.

Thanks for the review, sounds like it was (mostly) fun.  Regarding the above, I assume you guys didn't take a forecaddie? ...

Walking with a caddy is the way I plan to do it as well if I ever get the opportunity.  If you do choose to go with carts, get a forecaddie.  The way they explained it to me is that the marshals are very, very diligent about making sure pace is moving and the groups who choose to go out on their own are the ones who get watched like hawks.  He said that they warned him that they will not hesitate to make you skip a hole if they have to.  Maybe an empty threat, but not a chance you want to take the one time you play Pebble.  All the more reason to get a caddy of some kind.

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Thanks for the recap of the week Philly, hoping to do a golf trip out there before too many more years pass.

As for your frustration on the late check out request- as someome who travels a lot for work, often at very nice places, I would have been reasonably shocked if they had granted your request. When I ask for a half-hour late check-out, I often get looked at like I'm asking for the concierege's kidney and probably only half the time do they grant it. But two hours?? I've never received anything close to that (without paying significantly). So while I'm not defending the person being rude to you, because that is never necessary, you shouldn't at all feel slighted that they didn't honor your request.

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I'm headed to Pebble in a few weeks. I rented a house nearby as opposed to staying at a Pebble property. So far, I've been successful booking rounds at Spanish Bay and Spyglass. Big test is getting a tee time on Pebble. I figure worst case I save $495.
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Here at the Lodge in the Ocean View Deluxe rooms. View of 18 at Pebble is insane. Not sure where there is a better room in Monterey. Played Spanish Bay yesterday and Spyglass today, then Pebble tomorrow. 
Service at all shops, range, restaurants, golf club houses has been exemplary. 
Covid has not changed a thing for our trip except saved me some money on Caddies. Was gonna get two caddies for group but fore caddy is only service being provided at this time. I suggest getting a fore caddie. Ours at Spanish Bay was superb. 
The food is exceptional and overpriced but for this type of trip, if you want to be catered to, expect to pay out the nose for it.

So far, best trip ever and Covid does not exist in Monterey.😀👏

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    • I don't tweet much, although I do have an account for following other people, including Erik. I think the key will be stokes gained approach.
    • Matt, good stuff lately. 
    • For me, this highlights the 2019 rule change that no longer limits this type of penalty to 4 strokes (or the error/mistake being active for 2 holes), but instead carries on, per hole, until the problem is corrected.  That is something I just learned now, so thanks, I guess? FWIW, this means that if you forget a 15th club in your bag and play the whole round with it, you need to add a cool 36 strokes to your (let's call it not great to begin with) 95, to end up with an absurdly high smooth 131!  Wow.  The only silver lining I see is that since you get to only record a net double for handicap purposes, that round may end up being recorded with ESC as a 104 instead...  🙂
    • Day Eighteen, June 12, 2021. Played 18 today. First ever bogey free round. 1 eagle, 1 birdie, and 16 pars, 68.
    • I don’t see why the PGA/LPGA/Champions don’t play a mixed tournament from 3 different tees. Each tour competing against itself, but playing a 3-some, one person from each.  I think it’d be one hell of a tournament with something for everyone. 
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