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Who Can Write the Best Miguel Angel Jimenez "Most Interesting Man in Golf" One-Liner?

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I don't always bring a bottle of wine to the range, but when I don't I bring two. Stay thirsty my friends.

The cart girl tips him for buying a beer.....

His topped drive rolled 25 yards past your bomb Miguel always has honors.  Even if you DID win the previous hole His playing partners are ALWAYS away regardless of where a ball lies

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While most pros have 5 Keys, he has 6

His tee's never break

He makes ho-hum eagles

Lake Merced breaks towards him

His divots repair themselves

For Miguel, FEEL is REAL

If callaway was smart they would get migel to do a callaway version of this commercial lol

It would be a hit!

Callaway? ;-)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

His caddie pays him for the honor of carrying his bag

He dosent strike the ball, the balls runs out of fear

Officals ask him for the "ruling

He once made a hole in one on a par 5 while olaying a bull while jumping on a trampoline...

He is, the most interesting golfer in the world.

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Miguel Angel Jimenez - because two names just isn't enough

Miguel Angel Jimenez - even saying his name makes you more chilled out

The Dude wants to be more like Miguel

Some people say Miguel has red hair, they're wrong, it's Jimenez Gold

Miguel has a 100% win record for tournaments he wants to win

The tournament director asks Miguel when he wants to tee off

Jimenez is like a fine wine, he gets better with age, but every year is a vintage

Jimenez doesn't miss cuts, some tournaments just don't deserve him

Water hazards feel ashamed when Miguel's ball goes into them

Young cigars grow up wishing they get smoked by Miguel when they grow up

Ok, I'll stop there :-P

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He once pulled a shot 2" left of the cup from 250 yards

When he lands in a trap a lounge chair with umbrella are there for him

His divots magically fall back in their hole

He doesn't aim for the fairway he aims for sprinklers

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Note: This thread is 2231 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 60 - Slow swings making sure I fully turned my hips. 
    • Note from practice 2021-03-05: Working on palmar flexion as priority piece. Slow rehearsals of transition move and Covid-19 day-4 drill all seem to look fine, with clubface aligned to my spine at A6 (slightly toe down). When I move to full speed, and look at swings on film with Mirrorvision, the face is vertical. This leads to a flip/shove to close the face at impact, or I can hold off the flip (if I think about it hard enough before the swing), and leave the face a bit open and hit what I assume would be a push/cut. I had a mini-realization watching the videos and doing some rehearsals. When I rehearse the palmar flexion move, my forearms arms don't have nearly as much tension as when I am making a full speed swing, and my wrists move freely. I did some rehearsals simulating the tension in my forearms that I feel with full speed swing and tried to palmar flex my wrist and I could barely do it. I did some more rehearsals/Covid-19 day-4 drills, and then hit some balls with full swings with the conscious thought of less forearm tension, and suddenly I could feel the palmar flexion move. It was too dark to get any video, but I'm going to record tomorrow and see if the clubface looks any different at A6 compared to video from today.
    • Lmao, yep.  The range on this man is unbelievable.  
    • You go from this to "Down with the Sickness" and you got a huge gap. 
    • I played this for my elderly mother, and she loved it.  Wasn't quite as impressed with the rest of their lineup.  His voice is absolutely magical, probably the best cover I've heard.
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