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Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review

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~~Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review

by Stogiesnbogies

FYI: I am a senior player with an 85-90 Max swing speed; a 15-17 handicap who plays senior flex shafted clubs. I hit my average drives between 180-200 yards and max out under ideal conditions with a very rare 220 yard "bomb".

Callaway has produced the lowest compression ball on the market here with a 38 rating. In contrast the Wilson Staff Duo, it's nearest competitor has a 43 compression; the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite at 50, while the Titleist DT So/Lo checks in at 72. (FYI: All slower swing players; perhaps the reason that the Pro V1X does nothing for you or me has something to do with its 102 compression rating!)

In addition to it's softest compression which enhances direction and distance (as well as feel off the club) Callaway has produced a soft, responsive cover. The soft core and soft cover combine with HEX aerodynamics to produce a golf ball that reduces spin and adds distance.

I absolutely love this ball as it combines the best aspects of both the Wilson Staff Duo and the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite without any of their liabilities. For example the Callaway Super Soft has great distance like the duo but much better feel off the putter.

I find the super soft to be straighter and consequently a tad longer than the Fifty Elite as well. It performs great around the greens with approach shots that sit and pitches and chips that run true. It feels and sounds great off of all club faces.

It has proven to be quite durable as well as I played 2 full rounds with one ball and it still looks fine; no scuffs, scratches or cuts.

Callaway definitely has a winner here for a large piece of the golfing market- namely seniors, most women and others with slower swing speeds. It is available in white or yellow (I tested white) and is well priced at 18 -20 dollars per dozen much like its market competitors, the Wilson Staff Duo and Titleist DT So/Lo. All good balls but I'm bagging the Callaway Super Softs Now!!

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Could you please post your review on the product?

FYI: iacas:

I have now posted my review in the review section as you requested.


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Note: This thread is 2465 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Probably had my best shot of the week/month/year/life today. I was hitting block fades with driver all day today (well each of the 5 times I hit driver anyways), so on #18, I predictably hit a block fade over the trees on the right of the hole onto an adjacent fairway. If you hit the ball far enough to get past the trees, you have an unobstructed approach to the green, but the green becomes shorter front to back than if you are in the right fairway due to the bad angle. I was about 135 yards to the hole, slightly uphill (I could see the top half of the pin). Without my PW I had to hit a partial 9-iron. I flushed it and the flight of the ball never left the flag. I almost wanted to do a Tiger club twirl and start confidently stalking after the ball. I saw it hop once and then lost sight of the ball behind some mounds. Walked up to the green and saw my ball peaking out of the cup atop the pool noodle. Pitch mark was about 8 feet from the hole. First eagle since I was in college 20+ years ago.
    • 97, 51/46 with a 10 on a par five on the front (3 water balls). First time playing this course, Maccasin Run in PA. Beautiful track. Absolutely pristine.  Grass everywhere even in the rough. Leaves cleared off. Tightly mown. No excusses for hitting a bad shot.  Weather low 50s with a slight breeze.  
    • Shot an 86 today, with 13 GIR/nGIR, 29 putts, and 2 penalty strokes. Only carried 8 clubs today (Driver, 3-hybrid, 5/7/9-iron, 50/60 degree wedge, putter), so hit a lot of partial shots, which I enjoyed. Overall golf was very solid, but I had two bad holes where I was +7. First one was on #1, where I blocked my drive down the right side, bounced off a cart path into the ether, so dropped with a 2 stroke penalty. Then my approach (4th stroke) got rejected by a branch, and 5th shot was over the green. Pitch on and 2 putts for an 8 (+4). Second one was on the par-3 7th. Another block, this time with 5-iron, also caught a cart path and bounced about 30 yards past the green. Rushed my 2nd shot since I was standing in the playing line of golfers on another hole and came up well short. Another pitch landed short, and finally a pitch onto the green and 2 putts for a 6 (+3). Finished the round with a hole out for eagle on the 18th which made the round very satisfying overall.
    • Holed out an approach for eagle in today’s round. I think it’s been over 22 years since my previous (and only other) eagle.
    • Day 352 Played 18 today. Really stiff and sore from painting and moving furniture around all weekend, so only carried 8 clubs. Focused on good takeaway/backswing and tempo. Played pretty well, except for 2 holes where I was +7. 
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