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    • Four rounds to catch up on: 7/20: Finally got my bro out to Croasdaile to play. I shot 51-44 from the blues that included a nine on the 9th hole. Didn’t putt well: a four putt and four three putts. My bro shot 59 on the front, which isn’t bad at all for him since the front is the tougher side out there, but he played awful on the back. 7/23: Back to the home course for the next three rounds. This one was a nice little 87 where I made a quad on the par-3 third and a triple on 14, but played well apart from that, including back to back birdies on 9 and 10. 7/30: I played the day after we got back from vacation and shot a pretty poor 96. Made a nine on the second hole and it just went downhill from there: 49-47 were the final numbers. 8/1: The best round of the four: shot 40 on the front with no doubles, then a 44 on the back which included a triple on 13 and a double on 17. Total is 84, which I’m super happy with. Also dropped my handicap from 13.8 to 13.5. I’m probably gonna play tomorrow as well, so looking forward to that!
    • Adam, you always give great advice. May I make one suggestion? Use a dry erase marker rather than a sharpie. Much much easier to clean off the club face. 🙂
    • Yea, not something you can decide on your own. Someone can say all the benefits of a single plane swing, but it might not work for you at all. 
    • Damn Kevin…I’m not even an instructor but I certainly think you’re doing yourself a disservice in all this pondering and video searching. Not to be an ass but you're all over the place. You’re building a house and analyzing the kitchen sink before even having the foundation poured. Have a good instructor give you a priority piece then focus on that and that alone. You’ll find much better progress that way. Just my two cents.🙂
    • Both, I'd like to know if there's biomechanical advantages in having the hands higher at the top of the swing and if that was the case I'd see if I could incorporate it into mine & if it would be suitable 
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