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    • If I was having a bad day on the golf course and somebody physically attacked me…it would be the nicest thing for them to do for me….
    • I think the books are OK if they're just like all the other info the players have. But enforce a time limit. I remember watching Phil staring at his book for a minute or so a couple of years ago for a three or four footer. What I'd really like to see is caddies banned from reading putts. Nothing irks me more than seeing Brooke Henderson's sister/caddie pointing to where the ball should go (As if Brooke doesn't know) on every single putt or DJ's brother - and others - doing the Aimpoint straddle. Let the caddies handle the pins and let the players read the putts. I notice that the LPGA male caddies very often want to be seen as more involved than they are. As if they're helping the little ladies. Thakj God they stopped the "lining up" BS. Maybe that would slow things down, but if there's a time limit it wouldn't matter.
    • Sorry I missed your post #1 as I saw this recent post and the vid, not #1 from 10 years ago.  10 years ago, I had given the game up due to a back injury and was not really into golf sites. The copy you provided did not mirror your vid from a couple days ago though and was barely visible actually.  Reason I mentioned Furyck is that is how I described my 'feel' when I took it back.  I felt like I was drawing it back kinda like Furyck looked (and that's all it took).  I also realize feel aint real but vids don't lie.   
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