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      No, we're not getting into the equipment business, but we do have "clubs" here on TST now. Groups. Check them out here:
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Video compilation of impact zoomed in and slow motion, driver to putter

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I love how embedding is disabled… when they've taken clips from broadcast media to which I doubt they've secured the rights. :)

Here are three good ones (each was hit with a different desired outcome): :-D

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    • Many specialty clubs are Black Anodized  Steel these days. Not that long ago, the new thing was BE (Berylium Copper (or however you spell it). Those were FUGLY and I hated them when doing QC for Acushnet. Not to mention they are probably toxic.  ( I do not really know that). Just about all (or at least many) of  the new hybrids are black including the face and sole. It has been stated that folks used to allow the BE wedges to intentionally rust to give them more "bite".
    • Greetings @PaddyMac . Was out one a windy day last November, and joined a couple of players from a local college golf team. One player was from Ireland, and had an XStiff driver with 8* loft. The last hole was a 440-yd. par 4 into a 35 MPH wind. (My tees were only 390 yds.) He hit a line drive that never got 15 feet off the ground; it carried out to about 270, and then ran out another 50 yards. My drive from the shorter tees, a solid hit for me, came up about 40 yards short of his, despite my starting advantage. So, I think I understand why you want a shaft that will help you keep the ball lower, in case the wind blows.  As for your driving iron, a couple of extra things to consider. Your new AMT shaft will be heavier than the KKBlack:
            Regular: 108 - 90 = 18 grams // Stiff:........112 - 93 = 19 grams Roughly 18 more grams of weight for the new shaft means the swingweight will increase by +2 units. That will more than cancel out the -1/4 inch trim that would have decreased swingweight by about 0.7 units. As for shims, you would have weigh it. I have limited actual reshafting exerience and none involved shims. @boogielicious, any tips on shims? For other details, check out the Callaway Customization measurement guidelines.
    • I was 6 or 7 years old the first time I played a full 18 holes with my dad, not sure if we played by the proper rules but I remember that I shot 121 (Probably with a few mulligans).  I think I still have that 20+ year old scorecard somewhere in my parents basement, I was pretty proud of myself from what I can remember.
    • Yes, of course. I would only fix it if I was waiting to putt and I noticed a pitch mark. 
    • I like to think I leave the course better than I found it.  This includes ball marks, divots and trap raking (not that I am ever in traps).  I fix lots of ball marks on almost every hole.  I play mostly private and they are not a lot better than the public courses I play on. I use a single tine tool or a tee.  FWIW at a  country club that I play regularly they give out the single tine tool and their "how to" specifically says do not twist a forked tool it breaks the roots. http://foregreens.com/images/ForeGreens_0009.jpg
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