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Advice on Upright Swing/Grip

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Over the past several months, I have noticed increased strain on my back while playing. I decided to video record my swing at different angles and noticed that my swing has gradually become upright. Additionally, I noticed my right hand (I am RH) has taken a strong position. When I used impact tape, I noticed the impact on the face and bottom of the club was between center and the toe. I tried standing closer to the ball but it felt unnatural and did not change the impact zone on the bottom of the club. Although it is important to fix both fundamental aspects of my swing, is there one or the other contributing more to the incorrect impact zone? I am confident flattening out my swing will lessen the strain on my back but I am concerned about not hitting the ball flush. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I will not be able to see a golf instructor for a few months. Thank you.


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Won't flattening your plane help to get the impact more central anyway?


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I would give this a try first. Common thing for a lot of golfers is to not turn the hips enough, causes them to slide the hips back and the arms will have to lift as a consequence. So the more and earlier you can pivot, the more depth you can create with the hands and arms.


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    • I played 9 holes with this ball. I only played 1 ball even though the course was slow enough I probably could have played 3 or 4 >_> Now I'll preface this by stating that I've only been playing for maybe 18 months now. I have not hit a plethora of golf balls. However I have played several and I'm able to distinguish the feel of the golf ball primarily off the driver and on short approach shots. I'm not skilled enough to know if my ball should hold a green, release, or spin back. I have no idea how to do those shots... I just aim for the center of the green and pray lol. Edit: when I say I can tell the difference, I can easily tell the difference between a Top Flite, or other cheap, hard, suryln covered ball. Not all suryln cover balls are cheap of course, that part is preference. But I can certainly tell the difference on the face. With that said, I do believe this ball is comparable to a higher quality URETHANE cover, 4-piece ball. I can't comment on it's likeness to a ProV1 however I personally felt no difference between these and the ProV1s, as I had been playing them the last few rounds immediately before switching to these. They felt SLIGHTLY harder on putting and off the face, however I attribute this to it being the first time I was out and it was a tad chillier than I had been playing all Summer/Fall. The weather started to take it's turn for the colder this weekend here in NC. I'm familiar with the difference in feel from a cold ball to a warm one in that last season I played a LOT in the time transition from early fall (nice and warm) and played all through Winter. I will continue to play these balls so long as they're available. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but for $1.25 and having played other ball I really have nothing negative to say about them. Of course, I've only played 9 holes (I didn't lose any balls this time) so I can't attest to the durability other than they still look totally fine, better or equal to what a ProV1 would have looked like in the same round.  I'll say this but please take it with 37 grains of salt. I found myself 10 yards further than where I normally find myself on my tee shots (but not my approach shots, those were on point). However, I believe this was due to the ground being a little firmer from the season transition and we hadn't had any rain the past several days. So I think I got some nice roll-outs. It was just odd that it was on pretty much every hole... I really don't think I would attribute this to the ball, honestly. But I figured I'd mention because I believe there is no LOSS of distance with these balls.
    • When voting on national issues and for POTUS, why not one person one vote and skip the state involvement so that every individuals vote is on the same level with others regardless of state.   CA, TX, FL, NY, IL basically control the election, CA and NY are already democrat states, Florida is leaning left.  If Texas ever goes democrat it will be virtually impossible for a Republican candidate to win an election under the current electoral college system.  
    • Oh yea, gotta love it when a friend has to have the latest and greatest and gives you that 1/2 or 1 season old gear. I get new sleeves of golf balls all the time as everyone at work just hands them to me because that's not the brand they play or they don't need anymore. I have 2 stand bags I got for free that were pretty much new.  Oh, I don't like Taylor Made or I don't play Titleist!  I'll take em! I also get nice golf shirts all the time as well.  Can't remember the last time I bought a Polo shirt. I guess I do pretty good on the freebie golf side. 
    • Indians and Cubs in the World Series. Wow, freak show. Pardon me. I'm going to go get guns, bullets, liquor and many cans of spam, and go to the bunker. Clearly the world is about to end.
    • I always liked to think that the voting for elections, referandums etc. in the UK was pretty straight forward. In its basic form, for a general election lets say, we simply go to the polling station (provided the voter is registered) and are given a piece of paper with the names of the Parties or candidates running in the election, put a cross in the box next to the one you want to vote for and pop it in the ballot box. I think it's the fairest way of doing it. If you get the most votes you win. Yes, there is more that goes on in the back ground but in laymans terms thats it really. We did have issues with regards to Brexit, with people admitting they voted to leave the EU because, in their own words, "we didnt think it would actually happen".  In the case of Brexit the system fell down somewhat because the larger percentage  of the leave vote were the "older" generation and many of the "remain" were the younger (think a report said group were the under 25's), student voters and only about 70 or so percent (dont quote me on that may be a little less) actually turned out to vote, again because they didnt think "leave" would win so they didnt bother. We are still moaning about it now (we Brits are good at moaning) Its a simple voting system but only works when people can be bothered to go and vote, even though you can do it on-line! Now, if we had the US style voting god know what would happen as i have no idea how you guys cope, it seems so confusing 
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