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Drawing turns to snap hooking on certain clubs... Now what!

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Ive changed my swing in the past season and started off this season fresh with some Cobra Amp Cell irons that are stiff shaft. Hard to hit at first but now im finally finding a consistent strike with each iron and the distances are starting to lock in. My shots are still pretty high, even for a 4i, I feel my shots should be lower, but that's something I also have to go to the range to work on.

So lets see each shot im playing a slight draw, haven't really found the good method for shaping a shot, but im aiming mostly for the center of the greens from 140 yards back at least. But now all of a sudden I am snap hooking my hybrid off the tee, or anywhere in fact. That is also my only club that has a regular flex shaft. I got the hybrid on sale, maybe time to upgrade it. Low shot and a snap-hook and im thinking its mostly due to the shaft. But I also tend to snap hook my 3 wood as well ever now and then, still not sure why problems like these occur on a random day but that's golf.

Im thinking the sometimes thinned shots, and low shots are also caused by my follow-through after striking the ball. Maybe to much backwards movement with my body after my shot. Either way its something I have to experiment with.


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I have this problem sometimes as well. Although there are many many things that go into this, what I find helps me is that I am over-rotating. Slow the swing speed down. Strive for a fluid swing and that should fix it a little for you. The only time I seem to snap hook like that is when I try to crush it.


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I sometimes snap hook because when I get to the ball I don't go through it to right field. I swing the club around and finish low and around the side of my body almost. I am pretty sure it's from not rotating through the shot enough with my shoulders. Seems to cause the big hook. So even though it is scary with a hook make sure you rotate through properly. Sometimes I imagine, or even place, a tee to the front right side of my ball and try to swing to it when I practice. Usually fixes it PDQ. And if that doesn't work try messing around with opening the club face from where it is at address now with the same swing. So if you have it closed a lot don't just open it, just have it less closed. Mess with it until you find the position that works Hope this helps some. I am just a hacker trying to work it out as well though.

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