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    • I think this applies to more then just the driver.  A couple years back one of the better players on my league told me to stop always playing the safe shot.  I had always believed "1 Bad shot does not need to lead to 2 bad shots" and would almost always take the easiest way out of trouble back into the fairway, even if that meant hitting the ball side-ways and not advancing at all.  Truth was, I was so afraid to risk a 2nd bad shot I was lever taking a chance.  Understand, I am not talking about "trying to hit a draw around a tree then through a needle and over a bunker type risk" but if there is a reasonable chance to advance the ball that is what I will do.  Sometimes it backfires, but not always.
    • Deej has definitely put on weight
    • Depends on your swing.  I could be wrong, but offset influences the following 1) launch angle and spin rates because it moves the CG back 2) Causes most people to aim the club more left at address  
    • Yup, when i switch from my maltby PTMs which have a lot less offset to the Ping G irons, i have to take extra care to ensure that it is pointing in the right direction --- otherwise it tends to point to the left. I have some markings on my grips which helps ensure the grip/alignment is consistent. 
    • Golf is just a difficult game because of the required precision needed to hit strait-isn shots when the downswing is a fraction of a second in duration.  Golf rule are made because they are fair and for the most part simple to understand. This means, there are not 100 different situations for one rule. Which is good. None of your examples are anything to complain about regarding the rules. Honestly, you don't encounter those situations that much to say it make golf excessively hard. 
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