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"Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik


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Has anyone else's cover gotten sticky? I tried washing it with Fantastic but its still sticky. Its both the front and back covers BTW. Is there some kind of varnish or something on the paper that might cause this?

I swear I haven't spilled anything on it that would cause this...

Yeah the cover on mine got sticky, too..  Not a problem or anything, still go back and re-read parts of it from time to time.  I'm due to run through a few chapters one of these days.

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I might have to buy another copy. I loaned my first copy to a local course manager/teaching pro. He then loaned it another employee. I finally asked him about it and he said he'll bring it in. They are both good guys - not dishonest, just absent-minded. They both seem to embrace many of the ideas in the book.

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I ordered mine on 9/21 through PayPal but haven't received any shipping info yet, but looking forward to reading it

What's your name (PM me if you want)? You have shipping information in your PayPal account. Everything ordered before October 1 has shipped.

Actually, using your email address, I took a look and it says "Delivered." The date delivered was October 5. I'll PM you the tracking info.

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It was in the mail box. Thanks Iacas. My weekend reading assignment ?

From my experience, I suggest that you read the book from start to finish.   Then, pick a few items that you can implement easily like flaring both feet out at address, always going for middle of green from 60 yards and out, etc..   As you master those, move on to more advanced, or harder to acquire skills.  

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so, this book was suggest and recommended by my swing coach. But it appears that this may be for players that already have their swing together and need the finer points of the game. Heck, I'm still working on the first two keys and trying to just hit the ball better. I was thinking I may be a few years away from needing this. Or am I missing something? Is there somthing here that can help me? I am all for studying and learning.




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Interesting Tweet from Mark Broadie. So if I'm reading this correctly, the best putter of the best ball strikers win 45% of the time. The best ball strikers of the best putters win 35% of the time. Long game gets more wins.


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    • I recommend a really good book by Stan Utley called The Art of Putting. It covers posture, stance etc. and is very comprehensive. I read this years ago and use this method. I also recommend Dave Stockton’s Unconscious Putting which goes more into the process. Check them out. 
    • What I did with my used 2014 driver shaft.... it ended up on my current driver. It just worked better for me.
    • Thanks for your feedback very much appreciate it, I tried one of them in a callaway ut driving iron but it was I think too stiff and long, so I can do anything and it won’t matter as their cactus lol, I did love the 3 wood and I had the full set of irons that I sold. They were from a Aussie Pro I had a lot of lessons with, the heads were crap well too difficult for me except I loved the 2 iron and 3 wood… again thank you..
    • The main difference between GI irons and blades - I've played both (my blades were like that shitty rental set Shorty was talking about)  - is that with the GI iron, when you mishit or thin a shot won't sting as much, especially in colder weather. If you have a GI 7i and hit that say for example 160 yds. If you're 1/4" off the sweet spot it'll go 145 yds. With a blade if you're 1/4" of it'll go 100 yds. and either to the right or left. If you hit the shot fat with either club, the ball isn't going far anyway. A hosel rocket will go further into the woods with a GI iron.  Play whatever you want. You have to determine how much time you have to practice. How often will you practice. If you have high expectations and will practice everyday, by all means, go for the better player irons. You don't have to use butter knives, but if that's what you want, go for it. It's your money.
    • I am not new to putting, but I can guarantee that I am definitely more confused about it than anyone else on this forum 🙃  We’ll get through it together. 
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