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My Swing (phillyk)


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With how things have changed, it definitely takes a bit of time/warm up to get through the list. Did a combo of speed stuff and swing stuff today. 

I was thinking about the backswing and trying to turn up more with a straighter right leg as well as an earlier hinge. In speed stuff, I swung out of my mind with the green weight speed stick. Got a couple swings in the 140s with a high of 144mph. First time I really felt more speed without trying so hard in the arms but still got off balance. It felt really good. Transfer to driver went well, got a 136mph swing and almost all in 130s.

Regular swing stuff, I just thought earlier hinge and release. I think I get lost in the arms when I hinge “late.” 


Small upgrade to the school today. There’s snow on the ground so had to bring in the heat. 

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Working more on that right elbow in the BS to further deepen my hands. In this video you see me look up a lot when I pause. There is a big mirror that I’m looking at to make sure my right elbow is peaking below my left arm at A3. No actual swings here. Just wanted to show what I’m working on. 

In addition to right arm, I’m making sure my wrists don’t get too active around impact, I’m standing slightly further away from the ball, and I’m still checking my spine angle in set up. I still tend to lean towards target in set up which is annoying. 

I’m hitting the ball very solid. A few get away from me when I lose focus. But I like what I see.

Putting has also gotten much better. I got a putting arc mat and laser over the holidays. I also realized my lower body wasn’t neutral at set up. I leaned away. So I neutralized my set up and worked on my arc. I can definitely see an improvement on starting the ball on the exact line I intend to. Just need to work now on speed control for the longer ones.

Hopefully this year goes takes off!

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1 minute ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Yes, but Phil shot 3 under.  I shot 3 over.  Though I outdrove the poor guy most of the day.  😉

You would have had you used your driver on those par 3s 😉

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    • I am just curious whether this would work accurately with something like the Garmin R10.  If so, it would be an affordable alternative because a thousand dollars would be sufficient to get a hitting net, simulator, golf balls etc.
    • Yes, massively. Have started getting my short game in order (glaring weakness) and a series of lessons and swing changes mean I have way more control over low point and therefore striking.
    • @boogieliciousit seems like adding a tiny bit of lead knee and ankle roll back and forth to your PP should help free up your lower body a bit more. In fact a small trail knee/ankle roll in unison can't be a bad thing either.
    • Record your practice. Learning a new feel takes time and patience. I’ve had roughly the same looking swing for a couple years now. It’s been this year when I’ve slowed down more, been even more specific with the movement and checks, that I’ve seen results. A fun drill you could try for the grip and transition is to pre-hinge. Basically take normal stance and setup with the club, then while keeping posture and trying to keep your hands in about the same space, hinge the club up in front of you. Then swing the arms and body to the top of the swing and into hitting the ball. Let me know if you don’t understand that. I can do a video tomorrow, if needed. 
    • Received these today (a dozen ProV1).  Tried them out on the Mevo+ on the E6 Connect app, about 30 shots.  The ball flight that is displaying seems the same compared to other balls.  This was in short indoor mode (9ft ball flight), imagine that could impact the numbers a little.  Also wonder if it might read any different on the FS app (looks like you can add the type of ball you’re using)?  I’ll have to try that out later this week. That all said, I’m no expert on the numbers or what they should look like (beyond my typical carry distances, which are being accurately reflected).  Maybe I’ll log the numbers one of these days and share.
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