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club face controll? better swing, heel or toe, right elbow, errrrr, this may be long winded so grab a drink.

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hello all - here is my run down: I have been golfing 6 years. I'm 45 I play right handed tho I am left handed. I throw left handed, I hunt righty, I played base ball righty, my index right now is 20 I have been down to 16. my woods and driver are my strong spots irons are decent I have what I think is a flatter swing, left arm stays below my right shoulder on back swing, it's kind of a 2 piece swing because I do get the club behind me going back but I get it on plane coming into the ball. I have a pro that I work with and he is very good. now the story, this is with irons. August last year I got down to a 16. I try to play without thinking about what my swings doing, one day I had a easy for me chip shot I made the shot the ball took of right, after that I got on a par 3 7 iron in hand, make my swing and boom same thing, this wasn't a slice it was a shank, looked at my club face on both my wedge a 7 and the ball marks were on the hosel. well I finished 2013 in November @ a 24. I didn't even go to the range until March 2014 I started the season with a lot of shanks, that's when I went to see my instructor. at this point I wasn't getting forward on my through swing ( getting forward has allways been a problem for me). after getting forward the shanks stopped. well a couple of normal rounds and a good amount of practice with all my contact being center to toe I ran into the shanks again but this was a weird case like no distance and right. back to the pro. everything in my swing looked good except I was coming into the ball with the face so wide open that my subconscious made the very heel of the club hit the ball. bad thing is I could do this over and over. we worked on grip, mine is weak, even with a stronger grip I was doing the same, we ended the lesson with keeping my head behind the ball more then I usually did and that worked. I have been back to lessons and my biggest complaint I have about my swing I tell my instructor that on the down swing something in my brain dosnt like what's happening when my hands get about waste high. and we do the video taping and other adjustments. some reason I keep reverting to holding my club face open, some times I can put what I know is a great move through the ball and it could be a open face shot towards the toe, I could make a less lower body swing and let my arms fly and hit towards the heel still with a open face. I played this weekend at a longer course then I normally play, warming up and the first six holes I did not like what I was feeling when my hands got waist high on the down swing, I never lost a shot right, but it did loose a couple pulled left, I almost felt like in my set up I was stalling just to get my hands set almost like my hands and brain didn't agree, I was struggling to find my swing, some how and I don't know how I started playing better and got off the course with a 92. pretty darn good for me on that course. here is a picture @ contact. this was taken around sept 2013 I used my phone to video myself when I started to feel this waist high problem. pic left good ball flight, not my best, pic on the right you can see. only thing I can see is that my right elbow is stuck behind me (yes this has been discussed in lessons.) so for free advise what would be your thoughts on what you see in the pics? [IMG]http://www.poolnaround.com/golf/chestswing.jpg[/IMG] thanks Tom

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Tom ( @motsco ),

It would help if you posted a video of your swing in the Members Swings section.  Instructors and lower handicap players may be able to help.  Meanwhile, check out the videos in this thread.

The post on clubface control, below, shows a great drill to do.  As with most drills, you should do them at slower speeds to get used to the change you are attempting to make in your swing.


Also, it could be simply a grip issue.


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    • Have you ever been fitted for a driver? Check around and see if there's a driver that will work for you. If you get a new driver (not always 2017, but just not a used one), often the fitting is free. What problem do you have with driver? I know a couple of golfers who use 3W for driver, and off the fairway. But, most people lose out on distance by using only 3W. A 3H and 4H might help out as bridge clubs. You may have to test a few hybrids before you find a model that works for you. Or, you might find high-lofted fairway woods (5W, 7W) work better. You just need to test things out and see what works. Also consider taking a tune-up lesson to see if you have any swing wobbles you can cure before you get new clubs.
    • foot-note. The assembled shaft is 43 1/2 inches. This is a little short for a driver which adds to my conclusion that a previous owner had tipped the shaft and the piece was somehow left inside and held there by friction until I tapped it loose during my re-shaft. Also, the fact that it was on an adjustable driver, they probably had to cut it short to accommodate the hosel adapter.   Sorry, if I tend to answer my own questions, but it does not hurt to seek out confirmations.     "golf club forensics". 
    • The new shaft was from an adjustable Tour Edge XCG-7 (Matrix White Tie-Stiff). I did a little research and I am fairly certain it was somehow left in the shaft (maybe on purpose just to piss somebody off -it was not new) when they originally tipped it. There is normally quite a bit of the parallel tip to cut from and the fact that it was exactly 1.75 inches long, leads me to believe that it is the piece cut off. I am surprized it didn't come loose before I switched shafts. I am not positive mind you, but after looking at photos of tip trimming, that's exactly what it looks.  Heck, for all I know, it may even have been trapped inside the shaft  and only came loose after numerous changes in the (so-called) loft adjustment.   Anyway, no biggie, I am just a curious sort and obsessive tinkerer.    Thanks, Shorty.
    • Some golf instructor should tell Ernie that feel is not real 
    • 5/26:  Finally made it out to the club today.  Take that, life. 25 mins. range session, working middle irons; focus on not rushing/flipping, and thumping into the ball.  Got a compliment on my swing/flight from an older guy.  Not sure if he was serious, or making fun. 10 mins. putting session; worked 5 footers for most of it, focusing on stroke, and working to get rid of the little push that's cropped up; then worked lags...good session. Walked 18 holes.  Just tried to incorporate focus from recent sessions into everything without overthinking it.  No birdies, unfortunately.  Had a chip-in that somehow hit the pin - not moving quickly at all - and still bounced out.  Baffled me.  Had a ~30 footer on 18 for birdie that I was just trying to lag over a ridge for an easy par.  Kept trickling right at it, then slid right and curled around the edge to 2" behind the cup.  Cruel.  Still - great to get back out there.
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