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    • One thing I like about our semi-private course is that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Our seniors group is fun to play with, although they sometimes forget that I'm one of the unretired! and have to go to work most days. The course is a Nicklaus design with lots of challenging holes. The drawback is that the developer envisioned Winged Foot Way Out West, sporting a private-equity membership with everyone living in $400,000 homes. Thus, he contracted for an extremely difficult course with lots of bunkers. Legend has it that Nicklaus cautioned the developer against going overboard on the difficulty of holes, and the complexity of the bunkering (as in high maintenance costs). Well, much less $$ showed up than was forecast, and the developer was forced to sell. Fast forward, the greens crew has had a rough job in recent years trying to keep the bunkers in repair. A few pits have been removed as they settled out oddly, or ended up permanently flooded.  But, those remaining really keep the greens crew busy. We just don't have a Winged Foot maintenance budget. One other drawback: the driving range is at the top of a sloping hill, so it's a bit had to determine your true club carries because you're hitting down hill. Overall, I really like the course, the crew and the members.
    • Welcome back then!    This thread has helped me twice get my head back on straight when returning to golf from a stoppage.  I hope it works wonders for you too. By the way, I'm not even convinced that your shot from the bunker was a bad one.  The issue at our level isn't "would a shot with this result make SportsCenter if I were in a pro event?" but rather "did I raise or lower my expected strokes remaining from this spot?" So, if you were short sided in the bunker and holed out, hey, great shot.  But if you were short sided and blasted out to the green and two-putted, there's a pretty decent chances you saved yourself some strokes right there with the bunker shot -- because it's probably an expected value over 3 for an average someone of your skill level to get down from there.
    • Is there an option for irregular?  I still haven't gotten to the point where I can look at a bunker lie and figure out with good regularity if there's sand underneath the ball.  When there is, but there isn't too much (so I guess I don't like "too soft"?) under it, I hit decently good sand shots.  Not "I'm always going to make the save" shots, but enough that I'm confident I'll hit it to within a likely two putt -- something I'm just fine with.
    • I have G400 irons and paid under $700 for six of them (5-P).  I am debating going to go back in a few days and get the UW as well, and I don't expect that to cost much more than $125.  Where are you that MAP is this much?  I bought mine at Roger Dunn and you can bet they follow Ping's rules to the letter.
    • T mobile and boost mobile etc...throttle the crap out of everything.  Makes sending pics, downloads, going online using maps almost unusable. Had one of my guys at work take pics for me and his phone would crash trying to send them to me. It's up to u guys, but u get what u pay for and there are contracts involved. I have At&t and love it.  Switched a few years back from Sprint...another carrier touting great deals but their LTE is almost non exisitent so your nice new iPhone will run like crap. Weigh your options before u sign up anywhere.
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