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    • I care a great deal about how well my shot turns out - probably more than I should, but a lot less than those who have something beyond pride on the line. That said, I have been accused of being in too much of a hurry. But here's the thing, 90% of the my shots don't require much thought. I feel like I know my game well enough to make decisions while walking towards the ball. A quick glance at my GPS and I usually know which club to pull. Here are some examples where I might have to put an additional 30 seconds of thought into a shot... Reading a green I'm unfamiliar with. Bad lie, elevated green, or a very strong headwind (even on these, it's only a question of how much extra club to take).  Trouble shot.  Lay up or go for it decision. Club selection on the tee on a narrow par 4 I'm unfamiliar with. I don't know what it's like to have an arsenal of shots in my game, but I'd guess better players have more to consider like flighting shots or working the ball which might make some decisions more complicated.  My point is that most of the time I'm at a given distance that makes club selection pretty easy. All I'm thinking about while addressing the shot is making good contact. As important as a low score is, it's also important to me not to slow others down. That probably does cause me to rush at times and hit a poor shot. Then again, I can take all the time in the world and still hit a poor shot. I also do not have much in the way of a pre-shot routine as most better players do.
    • Real close. If he hits his irons in birdie range, and gives his self 16 legitimate opportunities to birdie the par-5s, converts 12 and plays the other 56 holes in level par, he has a helluva chance to win. This isn't going to be a 15 or 16 under wins the Masters year. I think it will be double digits, but Tiger needs to use his length on the par-5s.
    • You are entitled to that opinion but I wholeheartedly disagree. All of these guys are tremendous players, I love watching them play. And I love match play, an historic format of tournament golf that we don't get to see nearly enough. During the course of match it can make these top level players play more aggressively than normal and play shots you don't get to see in medal play. This match play tournament is great, I anxiously await it each and every year; and I really miss the old Piccadilly Match Play that used to be an annual event every October at Wentworth.
    • 3/24/18: Day 358: Continued my work on my first move down and pull the club with my lead arm drill. I'm only pulling the club to a little before impact, with this drill, not much further. Just seven days to one year.
    • Yeah...I don't see any good coming from this.  I just got vetoed by the wench on a shaft purchase at wrx...apparently I have enough " golf shit".
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