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    • Day 120.  Played 18 with some friends today.  Hit 6 GIR, shot an 88.  That 88 includes four sevens (holes 4, 5, 9, and 10), one of which included a tee shot O.B..  My short game was barely outside the 20 handicap range for strokes lost, which is encouraging because I had two stubs in there (which each cost more or less a full shot each) and my putting was inside the 20 handicap range, which I'm super happy about.  Strokes lost approach was 1.73, which is amazing.
    • This isn't quite the replacement for the Sensei… but… LUX Sport: Transitional drop Wanderlux Sole Adaptive Sport Knit 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee OG Sport: Zero Drop Barefoot Sole Adaptive Sport Knit 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee Based on that I'm more interested in the OG Sport.
    • Day 543 - June 23, 2021 Two things today: Played 9 holes: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/3065509. Worked downtown on my swing: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/43987-my-swing-iacas/?do=findComment&comment=1542138.
    • So two things are my focus for the next three weeks: Keeping left wrist extension (not flexion) during the backswing. Left wrist cupped. I go arched during late backswing and that f***s up the right wrist and the right elbow. Causes a steepening move, and shuts the face, but I still tend to swing out slightly. So I get straight over-draws or if I don't force it inside, some big pulls. Left arm not anywhere near as deep. This starts early — from A1.5. Three swings here from VERY early in today's practice: Swing 1 — bad wrist. Swing 2 — almost the same. Swing 3 — Long, but maintained the left wrist cupping longer. Too deep, though.
    • I have the 7 wood driver and i love it. it hits like a champ.
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