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    • Looking good, Matt. Love the shoes.  I have that same foam roller. I use the "rumble roller" all the time. BTW - Is that an Axis and Allies game I see on your shelf?  Take care, keep up the good work. Good seeing you this past weekend. 
    • I have lots of practice left today (such as much full swing practice to do!), but I did my morning short game + putting practice so I'm going to declare that for challenge purposes. Day 113.  Nearby putting green at a real course;  I've been debating putting a friend's 54 into my bag (since I'm currently carrying 50-56-58), so I did some chipping and pitching (quarter shots) with it today.  I'm also working on these shots as pivots (I noticed only yesterday I have gotten very arms-y).  I then putted for a while, including a 4' drill.  After 18 putts, I made 10.  My first pass of 12 I made half, then I made 4, and then the last two took forever to fall.  I'm not sure if bad positioning or I stink or what.  I did notice when trying these further that I don't think I stand consistently the way I do with a full swing. Let me explain that last part:  When I hit a full swing club, I'm very good at setting the club down and setting up the right, or near to the right, distance from it.  When I hit a truly poor long game shot, it's likely I wasn't paying attention on setup (not that setup guarantees a good result or anything).  I realized with putting I sort of stand behind the ball, then I saddle up to it, then I set down my putter.  I need to find a better way to set up to make sure I'm not introducing a meaningless variable into it.  To the Utley book I go... [Later today will include several dozen full swing shots, the same focus as the last two days]
    • That would be great, but hopefully it won't devolve into what we just saw on the KFC Tour qualifier a few days ago.   Just to be safe, prohibit their respective fathers from caddying that day. This is worth noting:  the event isn't the "Men's Open," it's the "Open."  You don't have to be a man to attempt to qualify.  This isn't meant to disparage anyone who has attempted to qualify, but rather is to point out that it is open to all.
    • Some backswing work today. Trying to stop the backswing shorter and keep the back of the left hand facing away more.    
    • Tour players aren't playing for handicaps and they are all playing in the same competition on the same course under the same local rules.
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