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And now the tough one to ask.  It's been so long since I tried to pair my GGLive with a phone that my current phone (about 25 months old) has never been paired with it.  It isn't clear to me how to make my GGLive discoverable for it and the support site is down.  Anyone know how to connect the two?  I think I missed something when searching (I might be a doofus here)


The answer is, post the question to TST and your phone will immediately find it.

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Let's keep this to GG talk, please.

If people want to talk about another system, please do… in its own topic. The odds of someone finding ten posts about some other system in this topic are slim to none.

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@iacas raised a good point earlier - one of the reasons I love GG, and keep using it despite its glitches, is that the app is (IMO) really good.  Its visualizations are nice, very simple to read, and it gives me an idea of both yardage and where not to hit.  When I walk up to the tee on a course I haven't played before (or, for Erik, one I've played only 25 times or so, since I don't pay attention), I take out my phone and get an instant visual and pick my landing spot in seconds.

Also, if I hit an errant shot or one that I'm not sure where it landed, I'll use it to instantly figure out the probable landing spot based on distance.

Honestly, I haven't looked at my GG stats in a while to "educate" my game.  My primary use of it, at this point, is as a little fun map of interesting, famous, or memorable holes that I've played.

Like the par-3 17th at Raynor's Fox Chapel, where you can actually see the swale in the biarritz green from the satellite image! (and, yeah, I parred that sh*t)


Or, like this mildly famous hole (yeah, I parred that sh*t too!)



While there are other apps that do this, I haven't seen one that does everything I need as well without requiring me to wear a watch while playing (which I'll never do).

So, for me, at least, Game Golf will continue to be my "golf memory collector" until it stops working completely.


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16 hours ago, Shindig said:

The answer is, post the question to TST and your phone will immediately find it.

Okay, it appears it didn't pair.  It found it, but wasn't in pairing mode?  Is there some different pairing mode for it I'm not aware of?  I can't seem to find that anywhere accessible (I have a guess where it might be).  Holding the on-button when turning it on only seems to turn it off quickly. 

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