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    • Going to do an end of season assessment. I'm using the insights function from Game Golf here, comparing my last 10 rounds to a 10 handicap benchmark (my target): A couple of things jumped out at me right away: My short game and putting are worse than I thought they were. I'm losing 4.28 strokes to a 10 handicap in those two categories combined versus 2.54 strokes in long game (GG has me as a 16). I have to go all the way down to a 20 handicap benchmark to get similar numbers in the short game and putting, which effectively means I'm a 20 from 100 yards and in. My approach numbers indicate that I'm proficient from 150+ yards. I fall somewhere between a 5 and scratch. I'm deficient from 100 yards and in. My driving is fine distance-wise, but dispersion is a problem. Here is what I think: Lack of practice. I just haven't done much putting and short game practice this year, if at all, really. I usually go out once or twice during the season just to practice around the greens and I didn't do that this year due to lack of time. It was easier to find time to practice the full swing into my net at home but not as easy to get out to the course to do some work. I used to just tell myself that my short game and putting were up to par with my handicap level but clearly they are not. See #1. I spend more time on the full swing. That and I hit the ball a decent distance, so I have a shorter club in my hands to begin with. From 100 yards and in, the problem lies in not knowing my partial wedge distances well and executing those shots. Most people aren't missing long from there as much I am. I knew this already. My driving hurts my game a lot. I hate that old cliche where people think they can hit more greens just by being in play off the tee but that may actually be true in my case. Funny enough, even when I do hit a good drive, I'm not good from 100 yards and in anyway so I might not even be taking advantage of them. My plan for improvement: Obviously, practice my short game and putting more next season. Even if it's just 10 minutes pitching or putting after a round focusing on one particular skill at a time, it will help. It doesn't have to be a full hour practice session or anything and it will be easier to get the extra time to do golf stuff when I'm already out doing golf stuff. It won't be as big of a deal if I come home 15 minutes later from a round. Need to learn my partial wedges. I tried to do this a long time ago and I remember it being hard to find time on a course without a lot of other people around so I can map things out. I'm hoping to get a Mevo to incorporate into my practice to help with this. To add to that, I need new wedges. I don't like blaming my equipment for my deficiencies, but they're not helping. My wedges aren't properly gapped for my set anymore and my GW is a 35 year old PW I'm using only because it's 50° and fills the yardage gap better than my 52°. I'm going to try to get fit for Edel wedges early next Spring and even replace my set's PW and play four wedges to give me a variety of options for any situation. Improve my driving? That doesn't actually need to be stated since I'm always trying to work on my full swing, but the block miss is most prevalent with the driver. It's funny because GG has me missing 33% left. I don't really miss left, I just aim so far left to allow for missing right that sometimes I'll end up hitting good drives left of the fairway. I don't think the solution off the tee is to take less club (maybe it is?). If I tee off a hybrid and mis-hit it, I'm not going to be in good shape, either. Plus, I can still block a shorter club. I think what i need to do is develop a less than full driver swing, something I can control my start line a bit better with when I can get away with losing a little bit of distance off the tee. Kind of like how my start lines seem to be tighter when I flight shots, I need to apply that same principle to the big stick. I think I'm going to get fit for an Edel putter, too. It's long overdue. I've always had a good acceleration profile, so having a putter that I can control distance with will be a big advantage. I think it will make a big difference having a putter I'm confident at aiming, too. I'm still pretty sure I solved my aim issue with my current putter but I was still pushing putts so doubt is still there. At least I'll know with a custom putter that it's not the putter. That's the plan going forward. I'm probably not going to change my full swing practice, just add a little bit more work to address other needs. I know I say this a lot, but I feel like I'm close to turning a corner.
    • IMO Tiger tried to become more like Hogan with lower deeper hands at the top.  Look how jacked up his body positions are here: This whole thing with connect arms to body and all you have to do is rotate leaves a bad taste in my mouth personally.
    • We have 5 sets of tees plus a set of family tees in the fairway.  
    • I believe she kicked Ledbetter out late last year or early this year, and went to a new swing coach, new caddies, and new equipment - so many changes = 0 wins. She began to play better, I believe. late this year.   Early 2017 - She had since parted ways with coach David Leadbetter, hiring South African Gary Gilchrist and replaced her long-time caddie Jason Hamilton with another South African, Gary Matthews. The LPGA's top-ranked player, Ko has also changed her clubs. The changes followed the first minor slump in Ko's career.Feb 12, 2017
    • I walk out of my back fence onto the 8th tee. Its pretty nice. 
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