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This was a great 9 holes for me.  It is about 7 strokes better than the norm.  I have been fighting with the putter all season long.  I cannot count how many 4 feet and in putts that don't hit the mark.  Then it seemed like a 2 footer was 20 feet from the hole. Hopefully I can get that part under control.

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Shot my lowest round, 63, weird thing is I was just missing it well and putter was really solid. Definitely had better ball striking (contact wise) rounds lately. Out of eight makable birdies put

9/27/2020 - Pebble Beach Golf Links View this round on GAME GOLF Bucket-list stuff here.  I mean...this pic says it all: Some highli

Evidently, I went to Ireland this last week. While there I played one hole of golf and got a hole in one (which would be my first) using my hybrid on a 7946 yard hole.🤣 I must have been quite imp

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Eh. Was okay. Hit a 3W a lot because the new move is not ready for the golf course. I hit some horrible push cuts when I try it (because I only do about 1/3 of it).

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Struggles continue with the driver swing. Other than that pretty solid round. No score on the 17th, picked up after 2 lost balls blocked out to the right. I lost several balls, but most of them were not even super horrible shots, they just got lost in some over grown rough. Very annoying.


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I had a decent day off the tee yesterday but struggle with my approach shots.  I was hitting pushes and pulls with my irons.  My putter is amazing though 13 putts in 9 holes with a few nice saves.  I also got lucky on 8 my sand shot hit the flag about 4 feet up and landed a few feet away instead of being 20+ ft away (I felt like Jordan at the John Deere).


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Driver: A
Irons: B
Wedges: C-
Pitching: D
Putting: F

I have a load of confidence in my long game right now. I am hitting some very solid shots. My wedge game is so-so, distance control is not too good. Pitching was still bad, though I kept the blading pitching to only one shot. My putting was horrible. 

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Some of the worst golf I've played in a long time especially on this short course. Couldn't buy a GIR and my short game was in the toilet. Lag putting was pretty good but then I'd follow those up with missed 3 footers.

While I hit my mid irons with some decent distance (the 209 yard 4i is a mistake), I had trouble with the starting line and ball flight with most full swings. Things really fell apart during the second 9. The round basically turned into practice in a failed attempt to get back to better ball striking, but I'll post it none-the-less.

Just as I try not to get too excited about the good rounds, I have to believe (or at least hope) this is not going to be a downward trend. It's rare when I can't look back at a round and find something positive... this was one of those exceptions.

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The score is off by one but I didn't go in and edit (should be an even 100).

Despite all the belly-aching over my putting, I was pretty happy with it today as well as yesterday (not recorded with Gamegolf). Putts per hole isn't much lower but some of them were from off the green. Lag putting was good on some more challenging greens and best of all, I don't think I missed any short putts. Short game was more in control.

Oddly enough, the glaring issues today were punch-outs and layups. I lost a few strokes on what should be automatic. That's not to say everything else was good, just that I felt like I was playing at my level instead of far below.

Played a bit conservative with tee shots and approach shots (hence the lack of GIR's). It's harder to score pars but easier to avoid penalties... same old, same old.

Anyway, despite the high score, golf was a bit more fun today.

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Played 7 holes after worktoday.  Got dark and couldn't finish:



Birdies on #1 and #2 a few days ago.  Only time I've birdied two holes in a row. Evar.  lol


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Played nine today, walking:  


Seems like I really struggled today.   To make matters worse I missed several makable putts from 4' to 12'.  But I did sink a 25+ footer on the last hole, after flubbing the short pitch shot.  lol


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Finally put together a decent 9 hole round. This is the type of golf I expect to play. Nothing unrealistic, just at a level that looks like I actually work on my game. Had a lot of confidence in my long irons in this first round of 9 - both with contact and direction. Didn't hit a many GIR's as I could/should have as most of my tee shots provided a good look at the greens. Putter was pretty good as many of the 3-putts were from off the green.

The 2nd round through I started to lose some confidence in irons. Topped a few shots. I'll have to look into the cause. But again, kept many of the mistakes to bogeys which is all I can ask for. 

If I put together a few more of these on the short tees, I will likely start mixing up some rounds from the longer ones.

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Finally got around to posting this round. This was in a four ball match. We were 3 up after 3 holes but it went all the way down to 18, it was a fun match. We won 1 up :-)


Round from today. Last 3 out of 4 rounds have been under par, even though it's on a short course it's still good to make some birdies and finish off rounds. Got an alternate shot tournament in a couple weeks and I like how things are progressing.


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Played in our local amateur tour event yesterday. Shot 77 with no birdies and 4 three putts.

This is a tight course off the tee with many greens being elevated.  Driving was good, irons were eh. Chipping and pitching were very good. Got up and down 4 out of 5 which is great for me.

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  • First time using it on my course. Like my last round, i am killing myself with short game mishaps of sculling my Lob over the green. I stopped using it during the round and enjoyed my SW more. 3rd round this year so hoping my short game touch comes back soon. I partly blame myself for not maintaining the LW tho, the whole sole is just hardened mud that I think Im ruining the bounce's purpose.
  • Couple of short putts missed. Couple of lag putt situations messed up.
  • I also dont know where the 180 yard 6i came from, as I consider it my 150y club.
  • At the same time, its a club I dont use often but those 3w yardages should be better.
  • Think there's about 8 shots I could have shaved off with just better shortgame/putting
  • One last thing when it comes to strokes gained for Off the Tee. My course has a 200 yard par4 where the green can't be reached in 1, so you're doing a 6i/7i and then a wedge. I wonder how that gets calculated for?
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I hit some really skanky shots tonight. The misses were in play. Downswing piece wasn't 100% full go tonight. Lots of pull cutty drivers and a few groove thin iron shots. I think I am overswinging a tad. The backswing feel of opening the hips sooner helps curb that, but I still need to watch out for it. Cutty drivers and thinny irons is a classic symptom of my overswing-itus. 

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