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    • Yep, that's the pain you signed up for when you became a golfer...
    • Matched my best round of the year this morning and also at the same time could not be more frustrated with my driver swing and realize I don know $*!# about the golf swing. Other than that all is well.  🤣
    • Day 160.  Played golf today, shooting an 83 at a course I've played twice before.  I felt I didn't have control of my driver for about half the day (and GG shows:  I hit 50% fairways and missed right 50% of the time).  I think if I had missed the 18th green with a near-GIR in the grass instead of in the sand (where I proceeded to hit it too far over -- these greens aren't very big) and then short-sided myself, left it short... 😞  Double bogey on hole 1, triple on hole 18, bogey-or-par on 2-17 inclusive.   Also, I had poor directional control on some iron shots, so I'm not sure what's up with that. And I hit a putt on #10 fat after a GIR, leading to a bogey.  That was unfortunate.  Despite feeling like I played some of those poorly, GG tells me I had full swing strokes gained under the 10 handicap mark and putting under the 15 handicap mark.
    • Day 38 (03 Aug 21) - Jumped outside around mid-day just before the afternoon rain was to start to work on the left hand in the grip.  Been way too weak with the left hand of late, seeing too many pushes right.  Worked with the PW, making sure I had a stronger grip in hand before 1/2 swings with the ball.  Know it is not what I have been doing as it was somewhat foreign feeling.    Next step - once it stops raining (forecast has that early next week)  is to take it the range and work more there where I can work on full swings. 
    • I'll let you know how it is next week
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