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    • When you say "more vertical at setup" is they caused by using a higher lie angle on the irons, or something else?   He mentioned he uses 73 degree lie angle but that was from around 2018, while.the video is from 2020, maybe he lowered them?   Or if not, what else can cause you to be more vertical at setup?
    • After taking some time with a birdie drought, I finally am seeing some results today. After a bogey-bogey start, I birdied 7 (par 5), 12 (4), and 14 (5). A pair of doubles mixed in and a 77 followed.  During the afternoon 9, I started birdie (5), birdie (4), to finally knock of #2 and a smooth 37.  The only birdie left is #16 and I will have my home course finally done. For some reason this is always the last hole for me every year. I did come close a few times and even had an OB "birdie" (3 off the tee for a bogey). Its to the point when I do finally birdie it I will probably throw my hat in the air like I won the US Open. 
    • I'm signed up the play in a US Senior Amateur qualifying round tomorrow, practice round today. This will be my first real event I've played in. Any tips? I'm guessing I should just plan my day just like any other round? Same warm up, same everything? I feel like I've been over thinking it the last 2 weeks.
    • Yeah, that one surprised me, too.  Wonder how it happened
    • Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day 😁
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