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2015 Thailand Classic at Black Mountain

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Euro Tour moves to Southern Thailand, Hua Hin town and Black Mountain Golf Resort.  Voted best course in SE Asia last year at 7350 yards for the pros.  Greens TifEagle running at more than Stimpo 12, but all else Seashore Paspalum.

5 USA guys in field, including PUihlein, DLipsky, and PPeterson.

After a few hours, and 8 holes played,  PPeterson at -5 and second on leaderboard. We may see pretty low scores each day.

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Please include the year in the titles. I'm glad you create threads for European Tour events… just do us the favor of adding the titles.

Saw a 64 on the board earlier today. That's a good round of golf on any course.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

OMG, MAJimenez leads field after 2 rounds in Thailand.  The warm and sunny weather must be good for the old bones.

Jimenez at -11, Thai big hitter KAphibarnrat, (a young and brown John Daly) at -10, TJaidee at -9, others follow.  DLipsky shot 73 and dropped back to -6.

All USA guys make cut set at -2.

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MAJimenez's sword in the belt loop trick was copied from fellow Hispanic Chi-Chi Rodriquez, a pro golfer from about 1965.  At least i saw ChiChi do it long ago.

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What about Tom Lewis smashing his 3 wood? IMHO, unworthy of pro golf. And neither commentator voiced any disapproval! That couldn't go down well with the Thai public.

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Round 3 over and SHend, Australia, on top with -15.  Followed by MAJimenez and TJaidee both at -14.  KAphibarnrat alone at -12, others follow.  DLipsky shoots 69 and gets to -9. PPeterson at -4.

Hend nearly made the 'double eagle' when his 2nd shot hit the pin on hole 13 and stopped inches from the cup.  Will be interesting to watch tomorrow to see if Jimenez can keep up as there is some walking involved and he is more than 50 years old.  It's the legs that give out first in most athletes as they age.

Yes, i saw TLewis smash his 5 wood into the dirt after a poor shot on the 18th.  Broke the shaft in half.  Commentators only remarked that such action could injure the player.  No comment about any monetary fine.  I do not know the policy of the Eu tour.

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Dark horse, ADodt, Australia, wins tourney by 1 over Jaidee and Hend.  Dodt shot 67 three days in a row and finished at -16 so final day's scoring much reduced as Hend yesterday stood at -15 after 3 rounds.  From the USA, JKnutzon takes a chunk of 4th place and is best finisher amongst 5 USA guys.

MAJimenez pooped out and shot 73 to finish at -13, tied 7th.  Jaidee had his chances but could not make the putter work correctly.

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Note: This thread is 2311 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Shot a -3 68 yesterday, first time breaking par from tees that are 6000+ yds. 4 birdies and 1 bogey, 13 GIR and 28 putts.  Finished the back 9 really solid, had 70 yds left after my tee shot on 16, hit the approach shot to 3 feet and made the putt, then had 100 yds left for my 3rd on 17 and hit that one to a foot.  Been working pretty hard lately on my priority piece in my full swing and been practicing a lot of 8-10 foot putts too and my first 2 birdies were both from 9 feet so nice to see the work is starting to pay off
    • The round I played yesterday was the first time when both my SG:D and SG:A were better than the 10 handicap level.  That's pretty good, especially since I know what I need to work on in terms of long game (and that has been improving a bit, too). 
    • Day 70 (6/13/21) - My wife filmed me taking swings with an 8-iron and Driver (w/o a ball) in the backyard. Positions seemed pretty good in the backswing, but in the downswing, I noticed that I have a tendency to let the club open up as I started down, thus requiring a correction at impact. Based on this information, I did several more swings focusing on keeping the clubface square to my line throughout the swing. Will work on ingraining this feeling again tomorrow. 
    • Every other weekend I play a modified version of match play with a friend of mine.  We play all 18.  Today I lost 8 to 6.  However...we also keep a cart score:  the winning/tying score, each hole, being the cart score for that hole.   Our previous low cart score had been +4.  This morning we managed a +3.  
    • Whoever chose this course (me) should be punished. And @georgep too. Apologies.
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