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    • Pro golfer withdraws from tournament after receiving 10-stroke penalty Yes, 10 strokes.  
    • I'm available but Father's day usually is very very busy and slow.   I can't speak for Atlas Valley.   I've only played once on Father's Day at a different course and vowed to not play because the pace was over 5 hours.    If that's the only day people can play, I'll play though.
    • @Lugowskins @Billy Z @dennyjones can you guys do Sunday June 20? I prefer morning but open to what works for others.
    • 2nd post for 2nd question - couldn’t edit first post to remove response to question #2: 2. My dad doesn't golf, so I'll say my friends with kids need to improve in this stat as well. They're all terrible ball strikers.
    • Washington Best Courses You Can Play 1. Gamble Sands, Brewster (No. 42 m) 2. Chambers Bay, University Place (No. 50 m) 3. Wine Valley, Walla Walla (m) 4. Salish Cliffs, Shelton, (m) 5. Olympic Course at Gold Mountain, Bremerton (m) 6. Palouse Ridge, Pullman (m) 7. White Horse, Kingston (m) 8. Trophy Lake Golf & Casting, Port Orchard (m) 9. Loomis Trail, Blaine (m) 10. Semiahmoo GC, Blaine (m)   Chambers is #1 IMO. What I don't understand is why The Home Course never appears on any list. 
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