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    • I disagree. Ok. But above..you’re suggesting your plan is a good one for others. Again, I disagree. And just because that’s how you did it doesn’t mean you’d be worse off having started with all clubs.
    • I was really just wondering specs but also when they were made and also what materials and i really need to find a heavier weight for my driver. the guy who runs the range said it probably would be impossible to find a wight but to just go with some lead tape. Yessir thats  the big lb 3 wood! I would definitely consider going with an lb 737 or 747 if i cant find a 727 4 and 8 iron . if i cant make this set whole if i ever save up enough id like to buy a set of the pp727 or pp737 blades that are on ebay every now and then. I have called Honma to ask them how the tour world 727 compare to the lb 727 but the guy i spoke with wasnt sure. i was told mine play more like beres and that i might not like the tour worlds as much but they look sharp to me. i am open to suggestions Thanks for the feedback fellas oh and by the way.....  By the way i went to the range today and i hadn't read any of your replies at that point but its creepy how you were right about me receiving a proper smiting! it was like a foreign set of clubs for a second there with the trajectory being super high today while before it was piercing and low.  Golf Gods got me for that one!
    • You are right at the bogey mark and claim that you can do this with the SW....clearly not. That skill translates to other clubs, whether you believe it or not. Most people are looking to get out on the course and continuously improve their scores. Driver is a huge part of that. Most people don't want to stop playing golf to drill thousands of SW on the range, and it is bad advice because it is advice that will rarely be taken.
    • So true.  If I birdie the first hole I start thinking about a round in the 60's.  
    • Taking Lessons/Practice to the Course: I've really been struggling on the course lately with the full swing. Too many big pushes, or snap hooks on tee shots and approach shots. But when I'm in a lesson, or in the indoor practice bay with launch monitors, or practicing at home with net/mat, I can't replicate the misses consistently. In these non-course situations, contact is mostly decent, start line is good, and curve is acceptable (for my ability). I'm tempted to film a couple live in-round swings to send to my instructor, or possibly see about scheduling a playing lesson to have identify where I'm going off the rails. Obviously I'm doing something different on the course and my improvements in lessons/practice aren't making it into my game. Full Swing: Setup with hands higher has been no problem. Not sure how I got to the point where they were so low. I've added this to the list of things to check on when I film my swing. Making a quicker backswing has also been no problem. I think I had been slowing down takeaway/backswing because I was practicing a lot of slo-mo backswings, and it just kind of migrated to full swing. Avoiding hip stall has been the main full swing priority. Have been doing a lot of work on this with the planemate, and making a lot of 9-3 swings really focusing on hips not stopping. I think it is coming along well, but I haven't filmed a swing to compare yet. A side benefit of the 9-3 swings has been that I have mapped distances with Mevo for this swing from LW all the way down to 7-iron, and have had some on-course chances to make use of it. Putting: Improving setup (eyes about 0.5-1 balls inside line) has made a huge difference in aiming, and has improve accuracy. I feel like when I miss, it is either a bad read or a bad stroke. Mechanically, I think my stroke is pretty good, but I get a little wobbly on shorter putts, so need to work on stability on these. Giving myself a target has helped lag putting significantly on uphill/downhill putts. By target, I mean for example, on a downhill putt, choosing a spot 4 feet short of the hole as a measurement point, rather than just thinking "hit this one a little softer than normal".
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