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What Did You Make First… An Eagle or Bunker Hole Out ?


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weird story but i first made eagle. i had a hole in one second time on the course. I was damn lucky, lets say i used the contours of the course well.

my ball hit a big wall on the left bounced back to the green and rolled in.

The pro was just as shocked as me. last week ( 16 years later i had a second ace )

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In my first year of golf, I holed out from a bunker to save my tripple bogey. First two from the tee were out of bounds :yucky:

4 years passed before I made my first eagle.

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I have had several Eagles but, have yet to hole out from the bunker. My most memorable Eagle was on a par 4. I popped my drive up and it went about 200yds. I had 180yds to the pin and hit a 4 iron that landed on the green and went in the hole. It felt like a Hole in One to me, I guess because I have never had an Ace either.

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I have had many bunker hole-outs. My most memorable was on No. 6 at Pebble Beach, the hilltop par 5. I was in the left greenside bunker - low lip - and ran in a 5-iron chip shot.

My only eagle came on a par 5 back around 1987. Knocked my approach just over the green, and sank an 8-iron chip shot.

Also, I've had three near-misses on eagles: Holes where I got a birdie despite having a penalty stroke (a straighter tee shot would have delivered an eagle).

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I've never holed a bunker shot. I've scored many eagles, but never a single one from putting. They've all been holed chips/short wedges on par 5's, or second shots into the green on par 4's.

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I've been playing 4 years, I have yet to hole out from a bunker (I'm actually pretty decent out of the sand).    I have 2 lucky eagles so far (135 & 40 yds ... I've missed a few long eagle putts - can't seem to drain one of those).

Just curious to hear from those that have been lucky enough to do either ... what did you do first ??

Don't know, but it was probably an eagle.  I'd made several eagles before I really got a handle on bunker play.  I will say that my first half dozen par 5 eagles were chipped in.  It was quite a while before I holed a putt for eagle.  One of the first 2 or 3 eagles was my first ace.

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I have'nt holed out from a bunker (except pratice green) for my soon 8 years of golf.

I've made my first eagles (4) last year. 2 of them on closed back tees.

I did make an albatros on my second competitive round (holes out a 282meter 3 wood tee shot on a short par 4).

I almost holed out a 100meter shot this monday for eagle on a par 5, the ball hit the pin and hole, broke the hole circle but kick out 15 yards or so (sergio garcia style) and I 3 putted :cry:

I make up and down from green side sand 1/5 only. not bad though I dont see many saves from sand although everyone says they make 50%

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I holed out from a green side bunker shortly after I took up golf and long before I ever sniffed an eagle. It was actually one of my first birdies on a regulation course so I remember it well. Since that time, I've been able to amass many more eagles, but my bunker hole outs have remained in the low single digits.
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Simple probability. I've been in a BUNCH more green side bunkers than putting (or even chipping) for eagles. Although I don't remember it specifically, I'm sure the bunker hole-out came first and remains much more likely and prevalent.
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Have not even come close to an Eagle but came inches from holing out from a bunker last fall......so my high ass handicap answer is neither :cry:

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I had several eagles over the years before my first hole-out from a bunker. Many years ago (prob. late '80's?) my first eagle was a hole-out from the fairway...5 iron from 185. My first and only bunker hole-out was about 6 years ago...for a birdie 2 on a 175 yd par 3.
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