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    • Driver 230+ to left side, leaving 90 or so yards in. Easy birdie. 🙂
    • How far you do hit driver and how wide is your lateral dispersion? On the line of the front left greenside bunker, that's 317 from the 6400yd tee and its only 47yds wide between the water and the right edge of the cart path, and just a few yards short of that it gets as narrow as like  37 yds between water and the cart path. If you hit something that went like 280 off the tee, youd have like a 55 yd wide landing area between the water and the cart path and only have a ~60 yd shot to the middle of the green for your second. Seems like a lot of risk for a minimal reward especially when those bunkers are above the green level and the green slopes severely away from you if you are left of the green. Especially seeing it from this angle those look like some nasty bunker shots or downhill lies to be chipping from
    • Bring on the wind. 💨 
    • A little push to push draw is my pattern, so I would aim at the cart path or bunker on the left and hit driver for 250 carry. However, if it’s really windy from left to right (blowing toward the water), I may hit my driving iron—peak height about 50’ off the ground, carrying about 200-210 and rolling out like mad. I’d aim at the same place.  Note: I realize that into wind, driver is still the play because driver has more ball speed and will cut through even if the ball launches higher. I’m talking about a side wind that exaggerates my miss. My driver’s egg is larger and the wind would make me uneasy—that’s when I would pull the driving iron out. 
    • I can hit water with any club in the bag on that hole, so I'll take driver and aim right where the cart path bends down on the left side. That probably gives me my best odds of keeping it dry for the second poke. If that goes well, it ought to be somewhere between a wedge and a 8I into the green. Fighting the hook will be hard with that stupid H2O on the right.  Also think I'd put myself on a two ball limit. After a pair of drowning victims, I'd be moving on.  
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