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    • My observations of the week.  1. Lac La Belle - 5.5 For me this was a target golf course. Very well maintained with a decidedly upscale vibe. The design forces you to think and execute for both tee and approach shots. Length was not a huge factor but good placement from the tee was crucial to have short irons in sloped greens. Greens generally receptive to proper iron shots but as is the case with almost all sloped greens, being on the low side of the hole makes the difference between a nervy bogey and a stress free par. the Par 3 4th with a hill on one side and cliff on the other side is a good representation of the target golf nature of the course... especially for someone who is rolling the dice every time they strike a ball..   While I had my worst ball striking day here, I thought the course was fun. It is visually a maze of tree lined swirling holes. Quite a departure from the expansive landscapes of SV and Lawsonia Links. It had the feel of some of well manicured south west FL courses. Except tighter. All in all, it was enjoyable but not hugely memorable. Of course it may have been somewhat unfortunate in that it followed some of the most memorable courses that I played leading up to it. Lawsonia Links - 7.5 I kept joking to my playing partners that I always wanted to play in a huge corn field one day.. 😄. It certainly seems to have been laid on top of one. The course is unique to say the least. It is a massive rectangle in which rolling up and down hill holes are laid up in true links fashion back and forth. I enjoyed the course thoroughly. While green were raised with false fronts and sides and even sheer drop offs they seemed friendly as they did not require a great deal of guess work as to what would be the best spot to target the approaches. Some tee shots were blind but picking out the proper line was not much of an issue whenever one presented it self.  If you have a good tee shot game and hit your driver well, these wide fairway and not-so-penal rough is a ballers dream. Of course, for there were certainly more scoring sides of the fairways and, well, not-so-scoring sides, there were very few instant deaths other than the fescue which may have been the one penal challenge through out the course. The rough allowed one to get back in play without breaking your heart completely. The par 3s were exceptional requiring some good execution. A good student of course design would find this review overly simplified as the nuance may be lost on a relative simpleton (golf design wise) like myself but I came away having played this course twice in a day as hugely playable, fun, unique and memorable.  Sandbox - 7.5 Perfect little starter (and finishing) par 3 course. Green complexes were designed for thought, target, nuance and... choices! It was a blast playing it three days in a row.  Sand Valley - 8.5 SV is the more difficult of the two courses, but the fun factor is great. Rugged, demanding and tough to score unless one is playing tees that are one-size shorter than they would normally play. The greens are huge but there are plenty of pin placements where hitting the green in regulation does not seems like much of an advantage compared to being short. 3 and in some cases even 4 putts in some cases are not uncommon for being on the wrong tier or wrong side of the greens. As @ciphermentioned, holes 2-7 are a test of most mid-handicappers survival skills. Back nine were a lot of fun though. The shorter orange tees were much more playable and fun for the second time we played SV.  The uphill Par 5 18th may be the greatest and the most memorable finishing hole that I have ever played. There are courses that you can feel unfulfilled after 18 and you can be tempted to want to do more. Not SV. It is truly a full, rounded feast of senses, physique and psyche.   Mammoth Dunes - 8.5 What can I say about MD... fun, joyful, friendly, yet no pushover. If you haven't heard this already the other few times that has and will be mentioned in this thread, the scale takes your breath away from the first hole. The first holes (for both MD and SV) tee boxes sit at the top of either courses and invite you to unload without fear deep in the vast expanse below. It really gets you going and the fun really never stops till you are done. Even mishits that may have you reaching for a reload at other tighter courses, give you a chance to get it back in play with a decent chance at losing no more than a shot. This might be the only top tier course I have played that is so friendly yet so exhilarating.  The sand areas were playable and added a visual element that can be best described as authentic and wild. The greens too were not overly penal as to allow collection rather than repel (SV style) half hearted shots.  It was like hanging out with a good friend who is playful, gamey, rugged and visual treat. I was tempted to rate it higher than SV because of the slight ease of play but would be completely unjustified otherwise.    Yeah, I will be going back. 
    • I loved 8, but it’s hardly a break. It is a tough green to hit. I doubled it twice, haha. 
    • Others may recommend differently, but I would look at your gaps and pick your clubs accordingly, for instance your hybrid might replace your 4 or 5 iron, so you drop one of those and replace it with a 3/5W. Regarding the extending of a club, get fit; once fit, get accurate distances for each club, then make a decision and where to drop/add clubs based on the gaps
    • An interesting video on some VFX Artists trying to figure out what the human eye specs would be if they were a camera.  I like this channel a lot. I watch a lot of the stuntman react and VFX Artist react videos. You learn a lot about how things are done in movies. I really like when they try to figure out how old effects are done. 
    • Day 24: Played 18. Noticeable improvement in short game after putting in some practice time this week. 
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