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Post Your "Death Shot" with Pics/Video

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Had this yesterday. I pulled the draw under some trees and punched a 5 iron out towards the green (should’ve had about 50 yards if it worked) and hit it well, but just before hitting the grass it hit a root and it ricocheted to this:


I hit a baseball style shot with my 7 iron to get it out to the fairway. (the pic is rotated 90° counterclockwise, don’t know why the board did this) It doesn’t look that bad but it was 1 foot of the ground in that blueberry.


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2 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Even a "foot wedge" wouldn't suffice here.  Gotta go with a "hand wedge"...

I needed the Travelers Insurance dog on that one 😀

Though to be fair, I did find a number of balls today that could have been lost, so maybe he was with me after all.

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26 minutes ago, billchao said:

How are you supposed to play this shot? 😜


Scottish golfers carried a club called a “chainlinky” specifically used to hit balls off a chain link fence. Check eBay.

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Greenside bunker, #14 Pacific Dunes.

Impossible to advance it from there. I could have turned and hit it backward away from the green, but my sand game was pretty good that day so I took an umplayable and kept it in the bunker. Boned it over the green into some gourse. DIdn't finish the hole. 

14th bunker II.jpg

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A couple death shots from today's round.

First one was death of my driver (shaft). The shaft snapped on a routine swing about an inch above the ferrule. Wasn't a chunk, or contact off the heel/hosel area, no idea what happened. Impact felt weird, and then the driver head was hanging a bit funny, and was still partially connected, but the shaft was clearly toast. Contacted Cobra customer service, and hopefully I can get a new shaft sorted out under warranty since the club is only ~6 months old.


Second one was on #17. I hit my approach shot to the green which missed about a yard right, kicked right off a slope, and landed right behind an old stump with tall grass growing all around it. If it lands 2 feet right or left, it's a pretty easy pitch onto the green Perspective on the photo isn't great, but to go at the hole the ball would basically need to pop straight up, and the stump is obstructing any type of follow through. The only chance I had was to stub a wedge into the ground behind the ball and try to pop it up over the stump. Didn't work and the ball ricocheted back about 3-4 yards, where I put the next one on the green, and 2 putted for 6.


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