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    • I'm 35, 6'0 - which I know puts me either on standard or + .25, but I'm going with standard for now just because they are much more readily available on the used market. I'm also fairly certain that graphite is the way to go for beginners, and I don't mind paying the extra coupe bucks for them. But is it true that I want to use steel for wedges/chipping? Something about more control on shorter shots? Thanks for the site suggestions, I was looking on some of those recently..found Callowaypreowned to be the better priced of them all, with a wide selection. Found a bunch of individual clubs that were 15-25 bucks that were MSRP'ing for 150-200 new, so I can't beat that. Regarding my budget, I *could* spend several hundred, but I just prefer to go the cheap route until I'm confident I know what I'm buying.  Hadn't considered getting lessons. Figuring stuff out on my own is a big part of the fun for me, even if I know it will be a harder road. Self-taught piano player, and high-average bowler as well.    Thanks for your feedback!
    • Have now moved back to playing my home course temporarily, thanks to the quarantine.  Played a couple of rounds last week and so far have birdied the 14th hole.  A 500 yard par 5 dogleg right.  Off the tee with a driver and faded onto the 12th fairway.  From there a 4 hybrid and I was within 50 yards of the green.  Not a great shot from there but was on the fringe of the green, probably 10 feet from the pin.  A great putt and my first birdie for this challenge.
    • Thanks for your input. Yeah, I realize I'm leaving a lot of holes with only 3 iron/wedges, but I figure I can always pick up used individual irons as I improve. I know if I bought a full set at this stage, even a cheap one, I'd regret it...still learning the basics. For instance, I just learned 2-3 days ago about "cavity irons," ...prior to that I was using the "blades," which were very difficult to get straight. Swapping it out for a cavity made a 100% difference.  Regarding the Lob Wedge, is that really something people struggle with? I am around 75% with making good shots on irons, but with the LW I strike it solid almost every time...I haven't gotten it to a course yet, but it's my favorite on the range right now. I actually picked it up on a whim last week not really sure what it was (as it only had a "56" on it and not a letter or iron number) and got lucky. Actually not even totally sure it's officially a LW, or just a high-loft PW. But it works lol.
    • Nothing much to add. A ball not found cannot be an embedded ball for the purpose of Rule 16.3. You either dig in and identify it or it is lost ball, stroke and distance, Rule 18.1 or 18.2 (the latter if the search clock has run down).  
    • I hate gripping it on the ground.
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