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    • Because they can. Because the old guys at The Golf Club of Somewhere have always played the fifth hole as a par five, so gosh darnit, it's gonna say "5" on the scorecard. The WHS says that even if people use the scorecard par instead of the true par (whatever you want to call it) for their net double max thing, the effects on the handicap system will be negligible.
    • By why would they?  You need an accurate par to calculate your "playing handicap", to determine what net double bogey is and to score in forms of play such as Stableford.
    • Dude, we're on page 10. You're going to have to be more specific. If you're referring to the video in the first post, it's not meant to be completely scientific. It's meant to be illustrative, and I feel that it is. Two additional points: 1) My arms were not "loose" in the first swings, and 2) the shoulders (which move the arms) count as "the arms" for the purposes of this discussion. Those two points address almost everything else you've got to say: You keep substituting "tense" or "stiff" when I'm saying the muscles are working or active. Tense/stiff isn't the same as active/working. You leave out that the muscles which move the arms across your chest, etc. are part of your "arms" for this discussion. They move the arms relative to your torso, etc. My arm muscles are not "passive" at all. Nor are the muscles which move the arms relative to my torso, which I've included in the discussion as "arms." Look at the way the arms work in a long driver. They're anything but "passive." Look at how far Jamie Sadlowski can still drive the ball from his knees. He's limited in his rotation and his ability to use the ground for jumping, but his arms can still move across his chest, fold, lift, etc. Again, the muscles which move the arms relative to the torso are part of the "arms" for this discussion. There's no such thing in a good golf swing. The arms contribute speed and power and expend effort. That video is stupid, man. "Try running with stiff legs"? Again, you're just substituting the word "stiff" when I'm saying the arm muscles (and those that move the arms) are WORKING, expending effort. They're not just limp ropes hanging from the shoulder socket. Working muscles don't have to be stiff. The guy who wins the race in that video has legs that are WORKING. This is a horrible straw man. Never have I said to make your arms "stiff." You're misunderstanding what "relaxed" means. By "relaxed" I mean not working, I don't mean "stiff." C'mon man. No, it's not. His arm (and the muscles that move his arm) are working hard and contributing the vast majority of the speed of a pitch.
    • So I went to the Driving Range today and tried your suggestions regarding posture and ball position. With no success, still the old problem. I think there is something wrong with my posture though. Since my left hip was permanently stiffened by surgery (old accident I had way back) it is hard for me to get in the right position at address. Booked 2 sessions with a pro to find a way to  make it work. Excactly the way I feel over here 😁 Nice to know that even experienced golfers feel this way 
    • Oh wow, that was well before my time. But she obviously is from a hanse town. People of these cities are said to be very good  merchants resp. own the traits which make a good merchant. Tell her I said Hi!
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