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    • The last few times I've seen Spieth on a golf telecast it hardly seemed like he was self satisfied, or "coasting"! His lack of performance seems to be eating him alive! And instead of looking at Spieth, let's look at Tiger. What did he go through to get back out there and compete? And his net worth throws Spieth into deep shade!  Sorry, but I have to disagree, and I honestly don't know where to start! Let me go sentence by sentence. As far as spoiled brats go, if you are one of the best in the world at what you do, and you're NOT making money, you are doing something very wrong! And I think that painting them all as "spoiled brats" is painting with a very broad brush!  As far as naivete and innocence, I'm wondering just when you lost yours. Was it before 10, like most of us? 7,8, or 9 years old when it happened? And think what you will about early success, it guarantees nothing. And you have no right to ascribe any thought process to anyone else!  @iacas, I will apologize in advance here. But, when @Carl3 talks about the Olympic spirit, he reminds me of poor, old, brain addled Avery Brundage prattling on about the "purity" of Olympic competition. Meanwhile, under his nose, the skiers, skaters, track and field competitors, hockey players, etc. were making money hand over fist! All the IOC did after he retired was recognize reality! After they changed the rules, USA Basketball was going to do the same old thing. Cobble together a college all star team. When the IOC got wind of that, they went to USA BBall and said NNNNNNNO! The ticket buying public wants to see the best, and they want to see your NBA players! That became the "Dream Team", and it changed basketball world wide!  And college football is "approaching" that? OMG! Where have you been?! For about at least a half century! And that goes for basketball as well. There are sugar daddies and hundred dollar handshakes all over the place! 
    • That’s an example of what frustrates me with Jim. He says ‘ it’s easy to analyze your errors. If you hit it fat...you must’ve shifted your weight back. You can’t hit the ball fat fat with your weight forward.’ That is 100% wrong as @billchao explained. Why the monitor? Because JV clearly states ‘ this is not just a swing for high handicappers or physically disabled, it’s a swing for the elite players as well.’ Ok. Now with this along with Jim saying he swings his driver at 118mph and hits his 9i 150yds...I wanna see the proof. He also states hitting up on the driver is wrong because all you have to do to lower spin is to shallow your path which his set up does. He’s wrong telling high handicap golfers to hit down with their driver. They will lose distance unless they generate pro level SS, which he claims one can with his swing. He’s also never posted any verified scores. If he was really gonna bring this swing to the mainstream he’d have a podcast or a discussion with known swing gurus and disprove them all. His constant claims that the traditional method isn’t the best way to generate speed/power and that all these pros and instructors are wrong is disingenuous at best. If you’re gonna make these claims you should be able to prove it. He’s a nice guy but he has a bit of an edge with traditional golf in everything. That’s why he wears t-shirts and chuck taylor shoes, which is fine,  but it goes along with his ‘rebellious’ nature to go against the grain. Which is also just fine but I don’t like that he gets defensive and makes snarky comments ( like he did to @iacas) rather than engage in a professional discussion about physics and the mechanics of a golf swing.
    • Had my first eagle since my 25 year hiatus 😀
    • Yeah that may be it too. My hybrid is a diamana White 70g stiff. The TM was a 65g stiff. The 818 does feel a lot heavier though. 
    • Little confused by your comments concerning the offset being the problem. Titleist makes some of the least offset clubs on the market across the board including hybrids. Probably less offset than TM. I am thinking this is more of a weight issue than an offset issue. Shaft weight and swing weight. Would really make sure you have the correct shaft weight in that hybrid as they can be all over the map as far as what the OEMs choose to install stock. That being said, the new TM hybrids will look very similar in general to the old Rescues.
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