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2016 Ryder Cup Discussion Thread

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I'm not really sure what your big hangup with this is.  The Ryder Cup is a team event (and an exhibition with no money on the line mind you).  Do you not cheer when your favorite football/soccer team'

On another note, when is the PGA going to wake up to picking US venues that may favor the American squad a little more from a weather standpoint? Basically the entire team lives in South Florida and v

Patrick Reed can say this much for sure without sounding arrogant in the slightest bit - this was the top 5 greatest performance in the history of RC.. Anything one can say about him taking down

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Sneds dormie, Moore all square with one to play, DJ 2-up with three to play. The outcome is looking inevitable.

Sullivan had a tough task today; he hadn't played since Friday morning.

DJ can't force Wood to dormie on the 16th; it looks like Moore is going to secure the winning point.

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3 hours ago, gantoise said:
3 hours ago, gantoise said:
4 hours ago, eich41 said:

Yeah, I really don't understand the comment about Reed.  How is anything that he has done different than what Rory (or many others) has done?  I don't think either party has acted like 6 year old, I think they're playing with more passion than they do at any other golf event and it's great to watch IMO.  And this is coming from a guy who can only stand Patrick Reed for three days every two years....



Also Pieters is finding out that the Ryder Cup is a lot more difficult when you don't get to ride Rory's shoulders the whole time...  It's one on one now and he looks overmatched.

Love the black hat "Are you F*&%ING KIDDING ME?????"

Pieters is a diesel, just warming up.

Pieters is a diesel, just warming up.

Ha ha. Out of his depth my arse! The guy has been amazing.

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Agh well. Bit of a thumping in the end. At least it'll be two years before being subjected to 'USA USA USA' over and over again.

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Just now, Chilli Dipper said:

Now, looking forward to 2018. It will be 25 years since the U.S. won on European soil, or successfully defended the Cup. Who are the captains?

Excellent job by Team USA. But France 2018 is going to be tough-very difficult, European style course and the weather won't be great either.

Darren Clarke on telly looking very jolly and upbeat-obviously been on a big jolly. That's why be brought along his drinking pal Westwood.

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1 hour ago, Natural Patrick said:

Ultimately Reed will be tamed by the Superior Rory... Really... because I'm curious Hardballs, how does that taste? :beer:

Hahaha, I've been waiting for this! seriously, although a talented guy, I never knew Reed was capable of playing golf consistently to that standard, he was the man of the tournament, he earned all his points and I tip my hat to him and your team!


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10 minutes ago, Ernest Jones said:

Congrats to a very determined US team. 




Took ya long enough.....



Yeah, well Europe was not exactly setting the world on fire prior to 1985.

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Well played USA, based on the entire week this is a deserved victory. They were the better side and holed the putts. 

From the European perspective, quite disappointing that 4 players did not pick up a single point. Especially Westwood was painful to watch. Looking back,that was not a good pick.


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15 minutes ago, Natural Patrick said:

That is the most golf I have ever watched over a 3 day period. My back is killing me, but I have an appointment with doctor feelgood in 1 hour. CONGRATS TEAM USA!!!

You said it brother! I watched every minute of it myself and my lower back is on fire. I thankfully have a very generous and understanding doctor and in 15 minutes I should feel better as well. 

I gotta say I'm relieved that this didn't come down to a must make 6 footer for the US to win. My heart couldn't take that.

Congrats USA! 

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Note: This thread is 1712 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Yup, when i switch from my maltby PTMs which have a lot less offset to the Ping G irons, i have to take extra care to ensure that it is pointing in the right direction --- otherwise it tends to point to the left. I have some markings on my grips which helps ensure the grip/alignment is consistent. 
    • Golf is just a difficult game because of the required precision needed to hit strait-isn shots when the downswing is a fraction of a second in duration.  Golf rule are made because they are fair and for the most part simple to understand. This means, there are not 100 different situations for one rule. Which is good. None of your examples are anything to complain about regarding the rules. Honestly, you don't encounter those situations that much to say it make golf excessively hard. 
    • I have encountered much reluctance to play by USGA rules that make the game "too hard". Examples are no automatic two-putts on temporary greens, balls that are lost because they embedded are still lost, bare ground is not GUR, mud is not temporary water, penalty relief area may be on a cart path, no relief from divots, no relief from boundary fence, no line of play relief from immovable obstructions, etc. 
    • Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read. Playing your own game is important.  Many years ago, there was a woman at my home club who would play from the blue tees, hit her drives about 230, and would shoot in the high 70s/low 80s.  It was fun being paired with her because... well, playing with good players is always fun, but I also enjoyed watching men who couldn't handle being outdriven by her try to hit the ball further, mostly unsuccessfully.  I knew I couldn't compete with her for distance (and I don't think I was ever competing against her anyway), but that really helped.  As for the safe shot vs correct shot, I think the driver is the right club a lot more often than many think it is.  Fairways hit are overrated in most golfers' minds and distance from the tee is underrated as a contributor to scoring.  
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