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Tom Wishon Golf Driver 919THI and 775HS Hybrid

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I am having my irons bent to a pretty flat lie (i am quite short)...

Now i am wondering about buying Tom Wishon clubs so that my Driver and Hybrid are at a correct lie.

Anyone any experience with Tom Wishon clubs?

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Jul89 good afternoon

A big fan of Wishon despite what the naysayers and ignorant preach. Am playing a Wishon 919THI Driver with 10.25° of loft with a 44.5" Wishon Red Label 65g Stiff shaft. In addition am playing a 20° and 24° Wishon 775HS hybrids with Wishon Blach Hybrid 85g Stiff shafts.

I spent a great deal of time reading his articles and then reading Forums attempting to avoid comments from the uninitiated and those with IQ of pond life. From there I found three club builders from his website in the reasonably close viscidity. Called all three and spoke at length. Ended up getting fitted for the clubs mentioned above. Will be looking to possibly change out my 19° Callaway X2 Hot Fairway wood for the Wishon 950HC set at 16.5° to give just a tad more carry. Irons are Mizuno MP15 custom fit by the same fitter/builder.

His stuff is good and I see little reason to be considering changing anything bar the Fairway wood mentioned above in the foreseeable future. There is just no great advantage despite what the advertising companies working for the large manufacturers will have one believe. My last set of Pings were in the bag for 15 years!!

Hope this helps

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Have had both the driver and hybrid in my bag since, I think, 2011. They are still as good as anything else out there, in my opinion.

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Note: This thread is 1990 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Thank you for the stats chart, that's worth gold! Yes, I have a golf coach and I keep a hand-written log in my scorebook. I am embarrassingly bad at putting (3-4) and my driver shot is not accurate and the distance is well below my age. However, my iron game is above average in terms of full swing mechanics, distance and accuracy - that was pretty much the only thing I practiced until I met my coach. The goal is to reduce by 5 putts in the short term. Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, Iooks like if I improve my putting and driving (among other aspects) to the same level as my iron skills I could be a more consistent 90s player. Come on! The putting struggle is real and tracked in my book.
    • Good luck! Let's ping each other by the end of the year again. I see that you that you also worked on your putting and short game. Good to have stretch-goals.  My golf coach guides me. Before I met him I practiced my iron game so much and completely neglected putting over that period. Genuinely, my iron game is quite accurate and the iron (short, long) distances I shoot are above average. However, I often end up doing 3-4 putts and my driver shot goes barely over 200 yards and is not accurate either. If I can shave some off those putts that could be 5-7 strokes right there.
    • Ugh. And I thought I was having a bad year. 
    • That's a lot of clubface rotation (and not much body rotation) through the shot. Tends to lead to…  
    • You need to do this: Weight very much in the heels. That's a big part of what causes that extension.
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