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What's the lowest score you have ever shot?

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Just wanting to hear about your guy's amazing rounds for yourself personally both casual and competitive! Doesn't matter if it's a 65 or a 95, I want to hear about it! What made it so special? If you remember your stats include them and what the par was! A rough format should be like this and you should include some round info!

Lowest tournament round

Lowest casual round

What you remember most about it

Here's mine!

Lowest tournament - 71. Final round of the club championship, had probably 12 up and downs in this one with 14 1-putts! 2 birdies, par 72.

Lowest casual - 67. 5 birdies no bogeys! CR 70.5. Par 72

What I remember most was on the 67 going to the 18th green my dad said that if I made this putt I would have shot a 67 and I was surprised because I felt like I was even or 1-under. Just had played super consistent all day, had no clue of my score. Drained the 10 footer for a bird!

Let's hear yours!

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Tournament - 82 Casual - 80 (seven times) Yes, I'm still trying to break 80.

What's your price?

76 from the blues at Springbank Links (Par 72).

Tournament - 70 Casual - 71 I remember the tournament round was at scourge I had never played before, and I honestly had no expectations going into the round. I knew I was playing well, but didn't even think about my score until I walked off of 18, when I was surprised by how well I did
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Tournament - 69

I shot a 2 under 69 on the second day of a tournament the morning after prom. I had been out until 3:30 in the morning with a 9:21 tee time, so I wasn't expecting much. I was too tired to focus on anything but the shot at hand.

Casual - 69

I shot a 3 under 69 once after going 5 under in the first four holes. I just remember wondering aloud about what the course record was and sunk my own ship, shooting 2 under on the front and 1 under on the back.

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Tournament:  73 (1 over par) (1989 Club Championship - 3rd round of 4)

Casual:  74 (2 over par)

Lowest 9:  33 (3 under par)

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Lowest tournament: 75 (+3)

Lowest casual: 73 (+1)

Nothing special about the 75. One over on the front and two over on the back.

The 73 was tough because I bogied the 18th hole. :doh:

I have a number of 9 hole scores that are subpar, but I have never shot par or better for 18 holes. :cry:

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70 on a par 70, and it was many, many years ago.  It was some place in SoCal, and last time I was there the course was gone, and full of homes. I have never shot below par on a golf course.

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Tournament - 68 in a mini-tour pro-am (Beat my pro) - Par 71

Lowest Score Casual Round- 67 - Par 71

Lowest 9 - 30 (2 birdies and 2 eagles) - Par 36 (6 under)

You stopped after 9 with that score????

79 - Pocono Manor East

That's a tough course! Really like it though!

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I find it so hard to beat the 90 barrier. I've had 42s and 43s but the other half would be at the high 40s.

This was me up until a few weeks ago. I kept having monster (for me) front or back 9's where I would shoot a 40 or 41 and then completely fall apart on the other 9. What really helped me was concentrating on keeping the ball away from danger. I would attack when I had to, but, for example, hole #10 on my home course is a nightmare for me. There are OB stakes to the right and long grass that eats up balls on the left. Put it together with a dogleg about 240 out and I could never make it through that hole without hitting 3 (or more!) off the tee. This last time I hit a 4 iron off the tee and ended up 3 putting for bogey. Instead of getting mad at the 3 putt, which was an extremely hard situation with a sloping uphill 60 footer to start, I just told myself to be happy with the bogey and moved on. Had my best round of the year after that. The other thing I focused on was really attacking the hole with my pitching. I am usually contact making good contact and getting within like 12 feet but I am past that type of contentment now. I am a good chipper and should expect to go up and down. It worked wonders for me.

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69 on a par 70. easy course. had 4 birdies and 3 bogeys.

it was a practice round on a friday afternoon for competition that next sunday.

with 3 of my team mates

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Lowest Tournament: 76 (72.6 rating) Stableford, took 1st Gross, 2nd Net

Lowest Casual: 73 (+1)

Lowest 9: 34...was only planning to play 9 that day but had to keep going. Was -3 through 8 and took a bogey on #9.

On the back I fell apart, shot 42. I think I have a mental block about shooting par. Have had a few front 9s at or under par but can never keep it going on the back.

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My best round ever was a 55.....on a tiny par 3 course, shot +1. :) On a 70-72 course, my best is a 74 on a 70. Only one other time breaking 80 (78 on a 71) but I hope to do this more often in the future!
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Lowest number was 69, par 71, Blue tees, Talamore (71.2/131), probably 6 or 7 years ago.  There's water crossing and down the left side on the tee shot, and at times I fight a quick hook.  When I hit my drive in the fairway, I knew I'd finish under par.  I did miss the green, but got up and down for par.

Lowest competition round was 70, par 72, Stoneleigh Golf Club, (71.0/132) Senior Club Championship last July.  Our par-5 last hole crosses water three times, and I was able to stay focused until I got my ball safely across the last creek and onto the green.  Then I started chuckling and almost shaking, knowing I was going to post such a low score.  Even better, I shot 76 the next day to tie for first, and took a very good player to the third playoff hole before finally missing a shot and losing.  The Senior Championship starts again in 9 days, I'm really looking forward to another chance.

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Note: This thread is 2042 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 6.  Played fourball, lost 2&1.  Hit the ball well, drove it much better than I usually do, putted better than Sunday but not as good as I'd have liked.   Made two putts over 10' during the round, so that was cool. 
    • In addition to the above: The idea of Tiger being in a wheelchair for months does not imply that he is a cripple unable to get around any other way, it refers to the idea that a sensible way of aiding rehabilitation is to keep the injuries stable, and keeping undue weight off them is an important way of doing so. He will most likely get to a point within a couple of months, or several weeks or a perhaps just a few weeks where he can use a combination of both crutches and a wheelchair. In the same way that he'd be crazy to use stairs when he can use a lift at a certain point in his recovery.    
    • Lots of speculation there. 😉 I don't think there have been any people who have stated categorically what they KNOW will happen. The consensus would be that the implications are dire with regard to a return to top level competitive golf and pretty much everyone hopes that he will be able to return to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later. Most people have focused on Tiger the person rather than Tiger the golfer, which I think is pretty fair and reasonable. Also, he has more than a "broken leg and fractured ankle". Those terms cover a wide range, obviously, but this was no minor accident. The topic of the thread invited people to speculate, as you have done. I think it's all pretty moot, anyway. I would speculate that the last thing he would want to do would be to be seen as a charity case or a freak show "wildcard" tournament entry and shoot 86 and then withdraw. I don't think people have said that a return would CAUSE further major injury, it's a question of whether the current injuries will prevent a serious return to COMPETITIVE tournament play which is the only thing that interests him with regard to his presence at a tournament  as a player. (I think)
    • I always laugh when something like this happens and all the interweb know-it-alls start speculating... "he'll be in a wheelchair for the next 12 months!" - over a broken leg and fractured ankle?  He will not be in a wheelchair for a year, he's not paralyzed.  "He needs to retire, no need to risk his health!" - what, given his injury history already, could he possibly do playing GOLF that would debilitate him permanently?  And yes, I'm well aware of how golf can screw up a persons body given the amount of muscles used... but still, coming back and playing golf, at worst, could only likely result in an additional injury that *might* at *worst* actually end his playing days as a competitor.  It's not like returning to golf is going to put him in a wheelchair permanently from trying to smoke a drive.  At this point, I hope he recovers fully, and I do hope that if he can, he returns to playing golf.  If not, so be it.  But who am I to say or anyone else here "no need to risk your health Tiger, retire!"
    • If they all got legit handicaps and you can split it relatively even, you could do a Ryder Cup style event.
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