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    • Yeah this is really the key point. Not only is there a 100 year head start, but the women also face a generally sexist society and specifically a super sexist entertainment industry. The LPGA players aren't getting any help trying to overcome those handicaps. They've never gotten more than a tiny percent of the promotion the men get, so we have no idea what the "real" ratio in popularity is. I wasn't able to find any average ratings data. But for comparisoin, in the tennis U.S. Open finals women outrated men in 2019 (4m vs 2.75m) and in 2020 (2.15m vs 1.48m). You can make the exact same complaints about women's tennis that people use to justify not having to worry about the low purses and popularity of the LPGA. In both sports the women play a significantly slower and less powerful game. Just to take a single example, I was rooting for Finau and was really interested in the AmEx last Sunday. But the women's ToC was easily the better Sunday. A transcendent star would surely help the LPGA. But then most people would probably cite it as proof that the women's field was too thin and it not being worth watching 🤨
    • I answered no, but I used to have a putter that was on some sort of infomercial. I haven't had any luck finding anything on the web about it, but if I can find it, I will snap a picture of it.
    • I thought I saw that dimple pattern somewhere last year.  
    • I have gadgets but don't carry them in my bag.    I have a Medicus 5 iron and it stays at home.    I have hit balls with it many times.  I learned to manipulate my swing to make it work!  I have an Orange Whip but it's not really a gadget as much as it is a warm up tool.     
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