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Article on Robert Allenby firing caddie and fan taking over

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After listening to some radio jocks and news stories, it seems Allenby is not even popular among fellow Aussies. This is the 4th time a caddie and he have parted. He apparently has a reputation for being a complete a-hole on the course, not only with a caddie but with the gallery. A lot of people don't believe his story about a beating earlier this year. A man was charged with taking his credit cards.

And Allenby may not have fired his caddie. The caddie suggested he get someone from the parking lot to caddie for him after Allenby called him the "C Word" ... the caddie's side:

Middlemo (the caddie) explained his side of the story to ESPN.com after the round, and it was a very different account of what happened.

"The discussion was only about waiting for the wind to die down and hit the 8-iron," Middlemo said. "The 7-iron was never discussed. Not once. He came up 10 meters short of the front of the green. ... He hit a bad shot.

" He said, 'I can't believe this fat c---, ' loud enough for everyone to hear. There's a lot as a caddie I can take but a personal attack like that. ... If this was an office in any country in the world, that would be considered bullying. ... I can take it if you call me the worst caddie in the world, tell me I'm horrible at picking clubs, but there's a line you just can't cross."

Middlemo also offered up further explanation of his final interaction with Allenby as he walked off the 18th green to Golf Channel.

"I said, 'Look, if you want someone to abuse, get someone out of the parking lot,'" Middlemo said. "He said, 'I'm going to get a caddie banned for life on this tour.' And I asked if it was me, and he said, 'Yes.' That was it."

The entire situation is extremely strange and Middlemo claims Allenby was "again using the media to make himself look like the victim." Middlemo's account of the incident is a bad look for Allenby, and the PGA Tour is looking into it as tour official Steve Cartman has spoken with multiple parties that witnessed it.

"He's just a bully," Middlemo told Fox Sports Australia . "He likes to bully caddies. You couldn't get away with that in any workplace in the world, but somehow he thinks it's appropriate on a golf course.

"It's the worst I've ever heard. But it's not like I'm the first guy this has happened to with him. I'm the fourth caddie to walk off the golf course with him."

From more radio, apparently the gallery supported the caddie's side of the story.

In sum, Allenby's side of the story is more than questionable.

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This makes me wonder... How many caddie player relationships on tour are like they're both friends possibly family, and how many are strictly professional boss and subordinate type. It seems as though most of the top players it seems as though their caddies are close friends, family, very good relationships, take Phil and Bones for example. Clearly not the case sith Allenby, almost seems like he would set up job interviews when he needs a new caddy lol
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The other caddie in the group spoke out and is defending Middlemo.


Speaking out on Friday was Simon Clarke, an Australian who was looping for another player in the group, South Korean S.J. Park. Clarke, who said he has known fellow Aussie Allenby for more than two decades, told Reuters , “I wouldn’t be talking about it if he [Allenby] didn’t tell the media afterwards a whole lot of porky pies [Australian slang for lies]."

“I’ve known Rob for a long time and I’ve known Mick for a long time," Clarke said. "It’s disappointing that at age 42, or however old he [Allenby] is, he’s still treating people that way and how many good caddies he’s gone through.

"It’s sad that he speaks to the guys this way and doesn’t wait until after the round. It’s disappointing that he’s up to his old tricks.”

Reuters said Allenby did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

Clarke said Allenby called Middlemo an “overweight so-and-so.

“Mick took exception to that. He got fired up. Mick demanded [Allenby] call him that again. Adreneline and all, it wasn’t pretty. Robert didn’t call him that anymore because I don’t think that he was sure what was going to happen.”

Clarke said Middlemo asked him and the other caddie in the group for advice after the incident, which took place on Allenby's fourth hole of the day, the par-5 13th at Glen Abbey. He said they both advised him to complete the round in silence.

“It’s a death march that nobody likes,” Clarke said.

After Allenby made another triple bogey to finish his first nine, he said something to Middlemo as they walked off the green. Clarke said he couldn't hear what Allenby said, but he saw Middlemo take off his caddie bib and then yell at his player.

“It was clear as day - ‘Try talking to me like that off the golf course,’” Clarke said. Allenby told a reporter that Middlemo challenged him to meet in the parking lot.

“If Rob tells the true story, I’m not speaking out,” Clarke said. “Lies affect Mick’s career.”

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Just came across this thread. Guess picking Allenby in my fantasy golf league was probably a mistake. Darn!
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Note: This thread is 2116 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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