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    • Where’s this ‘hate’? I did this method and am currently doing it again as it is a bit easier on my back ( for me) and I hit much more consistent strikes using it. So that’s that. I’m very curious to read what people who know a hell of a lot about the mechanics of a golf swing and body mechanics in general say when they analyze it. Unfortunately you’ve taken the Jim attitude that any ‘negative’ remarks about it are of contempt. They’re not. @iacas and others who are very knowledgeable about golf and body mechanics have stated they feel this method limits power. Nobody including Jim himself has presented anything to show it doesn’t. 
    • Yesterday, I decided I needed to play golf to prepare for an event this weekend.  I found a good deal of Golfnow and headed out.  I had the first tee time in the morning in hopes that I'd be able to beat the impending rain.  Once there, I realized that someone else had booked the same time slot.  In a twist of fate, it happened to be someone I knew.  He's a better golfer than I am by a fairly large margin.  We played the front nine with both of us showing some rust.  I was playing from a set of tees one further back than I should have been (approximately 460 yards longer)... but it wasn't a huge factor.   As we finished the 9th hole... he asked me what a good score would be for me on the back side.  I told him that, from the tees I SHOULD be playing... a 43 would have been considered a good score.  He then told me that a good score for him would be 39 and challenged me to a 'beat your target' game.  His target being 39 and mine being 43, even from the longer set of tees.  I accepted figuring it'd be good for my game to play for something other than fun.   We both played better on this side: Hole # -- My Score - His Score #10 -- Par (4) - Par (4) #11 -- Par (4) - Double (6) #12 -- Double (6) - Bogey (5) #13 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #14 -- Par (3) - Bogey (4) #15 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) #16 -- Bogey (6) - Par (5) #17 -- Par (3) - Par (3) #18 -- Bogey (5) - Bogey (5) Total -- 42 (+6) - 42 (+6) I ended up beating my target by a stroke, but what I felt even better about was that I tied him... playing from tees further back than I'd typically play... knowing he's a much better golfer than I am.  I know he was rusty... and on most days, he'd mop the floor with me on the golf course, but it certainly felt nice. Overall... I posted an 88 that included an ugly triple on the 7th hole when I topped my 3 wood into a hazard.  Not the greatest score for me, but I felt like things started to click again.  I've got to get some work in on my alignment.  I'm finding a lot of misses are pushes.  I've spent the better part of the last 7+ months battling a hook.  Now that it's straightened out a bit... I need to get my alignment proper so I can start finding fairways and greens. Anyway... what's your 'beating a better player' story?  I've got a few of them, but... this one felt good because it wasn't expected. CY
    • So I got a chance to play 18 this weekend. My first time hitting balls outside since December. We also had no reservation so when we got there we had a chance to go to 10 immediately or wait 2 hours. So no warm up except a mulligan on the first tee.    I must report that all the putting work I put in over the past two months has had an effect. I started with 4 putts on hole 10 and 11 🤪 and proceeded to have 25 putts on my first 9 holes. Luckily I picked it up after that and had 17 putts on the back 9 where I had 3 single putts, 2 from about 6-7” out. So short putts were improved from last season but lag putts were horrible. But that was to be expected as I was very limited in practice areas the past two months.    Rest of the game was all over the place. I hit some nice 3 woods of the tee with about 250yards total distance but my driver was all over the place. The distance increase of all my clubs was visible. I added about 10 yards to each club in carry distance. But since I didn’t exactly improve in accuracy the result was pretty much disastrous.    Shot 109 🤯 and that was with 3 or 4 OB shots. So now I won’t be playing for another month now, I got my next round planned for the 26th of March. I am really considering taking a regular lesson with my pro and just handing my swing over to him, but I don’t know if I got enough time to do that...   Another “ brilliant “ idea was to next time only go out with my 7 iron and down and see how I score without the big missing clubs. 
    • I haven’t seen any hate for this method here. There is skepticism over the supposed benefits over the conventional swing which is warranted, but that’s not hate. It’s been stated many times throughout this thread that there are good things about this method that can certainly help people.
    • My next big adventure will be a trip to Spain and Portugal in September,  About 4 or 5 days on the Costa del Sol, followed by 4 days on the coast just north of Lisbon.  I know we'll get 6 rounds or so in, including at Praia D'El Rey and West Cliffs in Portugal.  Another guy is planning the golf, I don't know where in Spain we're playing.
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