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    • Or, of course, Chicago Public schools.
    • yeah, this "carpet" runs around 11 in one direction and 10 in the opposite, so it's faster than most greens I play on, but I'm just working on the consistency of my motion so it works. It's definitely nice to have
    • Bulking up doesn't necessarily lead to lack of flexibility or inability to hit the golf ball. Even when people complained about Tiger bulking up, he was no where near as big as professional body builders and didn't inhibit his golf swing.  I think people would have to go really far with bulking up before it becomes a detriment to their ability to swing a golf club. 
    • Day 58 (Mar 05 2021) - 1-2-3 drill with putter this morning.  1 pace from cup - single ball, make it into the putting green cup and move to 2 paces out, now I have to make 2 balls in a row before moving to 3 paces out and of course 3 balls have to be made before I get to 4 paces which for my short stride is the limit of the green.  Focused on keeping head still and not "looking" - target point a spot on the mat about 18" in front of the ball.  Followed this up with going with 8 balls in a row from each position before moving to the next (why 8 - its all the "real" golf balls I have in the house, may scarf another 4 from the used ball pile in the shop to give an even dozen to work with).   Makes me jealous that the hall at the house (which is where I work as well) is not fully carpeted as it is about the same length.  Then again - the hardwood floor can offer challenges when putting with the plastic ball - like putting on ice.....
    • Basically golf requires you to be flexible and strong, not necessarily bulked up. Rory or DJ have the ideal build for golf
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