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    • Just tried to remove another Pure Combo. Regulated my compressor down to 60 psi, and used very short bursts. Still some ballooning on the top portion of the grip, and it took 3-4 quick bursts to get the lower portion to release. After the lower portion released, I needed to tug a tiny bit with added air pressure to get it off. This one wasn't permanently deformed from the ballooning though. In my short experience with the Pure Combos, they seem to be unique in that more careful technique is needed for removing them or adjusting the orientation on the shaft. It appears that the thicker bottom portion of the grip clamps the shaft more tightly than the upper, and this force difference between top and bottom can cause the top portion to balloon if the right technique is not applied. Of course, YMMV.
    • Just reading the title, I was going to say "Depends on how hard you hit that tree".  But going back to the subject. Back in the day... when Cast clubs first came out, you were warned about this very scenario. Cast clubs might be stronger, but were much more brittle and any modifications would be small and VERY carefully done. Forged always had a lot more wiggle room and larger adjustments could be made. but I suppose the days, materials and construction methods have changed a bit where Cast clubs can be adjusted more than they used to. 
    • The article seems like a click-baity justification to publish a photo of Paige Spiranac. I doubt the author even cares about getting details correct, and likely doesn't know the details anyways. I hate "articles" that just rehash a bunch of tweets.
    • I'll pile on, another no.  And writer apparently doesn't realize that the PGA Tour doesn't write its own Rules.  
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