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The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread


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55 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Gotta love an optimist who sees the 18 holes as half full, not half empty.

Yeah, he's great for that. Very recently, after I got upset with a bad shot, he turns to me and says, "You putt like Brad Faxon, so you can't expect expect to strike it like Nick Price" (he's in his forties, so these are his reference points from watching golf growing up, lol).

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6 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:
6 hours ago, Vinsk said:


Sheesh... you'd have a 2 handicap if you didn't have those multiple shanks.  Doctor, heal thyself.  Have you ever thought about hybrids, not irons (with those damn hosels)?  Do they make a hybrid gap wedge???  And Vinsk, have you ever shanked a putt... this I gotta hear..

Lol. Yeah well I’ve succumbed to just living with them. I’d rather quit than use all hybrids. Just can’t do it. If I have to hit a long putt…like 50+ feet….yeah, yeah I’m Sure I could shank a putt. 

Imagine if someone completely covered your club head with lead tape into a ball. Then took all the markings off the grip. Then at the top of your back swing the lead tape comes off and you’re expected to hit the ball squarely. That’s how much feel I have for the club head. Be it a short chip or a full swing. Zero natural talent. 

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    • A GEARS-that costs as much as a well outfitted SUV-is hardly something the average people can buy. Dude-I am with EriK - your responses have been highly disappointing. Manufacturers have missed things before. They are not always chasing what is best but what they can sell. This makes sense to me and I see what your friend is saying @iacas. I think the GCQuad will shoe dynamic lie angle-right? Yes-appears so: What We Measure | Foresight Sports Precision, Not Guesswork How We Measure Foresight Sports launch monitors use a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed...
    • I don’t believe he ever said that.  He can defend himself, but I’m pretty sure he was simply saying improvements might be made with further research in this area as technology advances. Please don’t resort to hyperbole in the absence of valid points.
    • Hmmm. Actually it would be more accurate to say the FBI has been using DNA for years, but now average people can buy the same tools and use them to solve crimes at home. Not saying don't use GEARS for any number of swing investigations. It will provide information to the average golfer they otherwise would never have access to. But the idea that all the shaft and club OEMs have completely missed the mark on the idea of lie angle is far fetched.
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