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    • Day 73.  Tuesday, before evening social plans, I did 30 minutes of putting at my home course (between work and my social plans).  I attempted the 10' drill but the putting green became too crowded so I went to doing shortish (6-10' putts) around one hole. 
    • Hitting the 64 around the greens out of rough is scary...u can almost whiff going under the ball.  Need a lot of focus and still...  When I first got my 64 I remember doing it from the fringe.  It was funny to look back down at the ball which barely moved and say "wtf?"
    • I have two sets of irons that are at completely different ends of the spectrum but for good reason.  I have a set of Cleveland 588 Altitude irons and I love them and will NEVER get rid of them.  This is because they are the result of all my experimenting with with my other set of irons that I will speak of in a moment.  I am a high swing weight player and I have to feel the club head moving around me at all times. My irons swing weights are E2 - E9.  I am able to easily manipulate the swing weight of the Altitudes because they are hollow clubs so I drilled holes in the toe and ran a hotmelt in them until I got the desired swing weight. They are forged face irons and extremely durable but the hotmelt gives them a very dense "soft" feel at impact and it mutes the sound so they don't sound like a hollow head iron at all. They are ugly...but I love em!  My other set of irons are a set of Miura left hand cavity back irons and they were my "test" clubs that finally helped me understand what I needed in a club as far as swing weight and center of gravity bias.  The clubs are beautiful but they were put through hell as I epoxied weights used to balance car tires to them to experiment with swing weight and center of gravity placement.  I dogged these clubs out but the knowledge gained was invaluable to me so I will NEVER get rid of them either.  I have since had all of them ported so that I can add tungsten plugs to the toe of them to replicate the swing weight of my Altitude irons. I also had a v sole ground into them so they don't dig so much. and they were sand blasted and brought back to life.  They will forever have a place in my heart because they taught me so much about what I like in my clubs. They are pretty...and I love em just the same as my ugly clubs!! 
    • Day 40: Working on full swings in the mirror. Going to play tomorrow, so I was more focused on ensuring I can center the ball with my feel than anything else (I do this by setting up to a spot in the carpet and ensuring that my club is centered on it when I would make contact). 
    • Wow...do you rotate through them or is it that you just can't let them go?  
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