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    • #2 - I have no interest in playing both ways, so easy choice to reduce my handicap
    • Arnie's army, Tiger Woods... I mean even if they don't directly try to grow the game, they have most definitely grown the game by a significant amount by providing the platform for these needle moving players.
    • I have mixed sentiments.  I totally agree that the tour itself is good for golf by showcasing the best talents in the world.  I think it definitely builds interest in golf. On the other hand, there's a lot of the tour's actions that aren't good for golf.  The PGA Tour is essentially a union of sorts that seeks to maximize it's members income - period.  There's little evidence that the tour cares about growing the game or making golf viable down the road - it's all about today.  The tour chooses not to do anything about pace of play - why, it would have to be tough on it's members.  Same thing about drug screening.  The tour chooses to play smash it long and birdie fest courses - why, because they believe it provides entertainment value and that it's good for its members.  They could set up every course like Riviera (which I personally think would be better) but choose not to.  TPC courses - not sure how those are good for the game - they all seem to be the same birdie fest tournaments to me -  but they help the tour's pocketbooks.  Emphasis on The Player's (trying to be a 5th major), President's cup, Fedex Cup - all things the tour owns and wants to promote.  Grand Slam events and Ryder Cup - the tour doesn't own and wants in on more of the money. I know the R&A and USGA get lots of grief, sometimes deservedly so, but I do think that most of what they do is out of legitimate concern for preserving and growing golf.  I don't see any of that coming out of the PGA tour.
    • I've been thinking on this one and for it would be option 1.  Here's my reasoning - being equally adept at righty or lefty, means I have a complete world of options available. Just as I've read where some have found that by switching hands, they saw the ball better and swung the club better.  Who knows you may find that you can drive the ball slightly better as a lefty but play the short game better as a righty,  Then you could have the best "overall" bag available. Use left handed clubs when called upon and the same for right.  It would truly be a mixed bag of clubs.  
    • My home club has five really difficult holes, and thirteen easier holes. Here’s how I organize my course, based on my game: Holes 1-5: A difficult opening stretch with two hard holes, and three moderately difficult holes, a stroke or two over bogey golf isn’t too bad. Holes 6-12: If I lost some strokes to bogey on the first five holes, this seven-hole stretch is an opportunity to score and get my round back on track before the last third of the course. Holes 13-15: This is my home course’s version of “Amen Corner”. Three difficult par-4s where prices for missing are high. If I can get through this stretch in +4, I’m happy. Holes 16-18: Three moderately difficult (and fun) holes to finish off the round, including what I think is the signature hole, the 160-yard 18th over water. More info on my home club, if you want it, can be found in my other thread, “Hole-By-Hole Of Your Home Course”.
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